Professional internships in Germany for students and graduates

Internships in foreign companies are a great start for those who want to gain practical experience at the start of a career. Germany in this regard is one of the best European countries offering jobs for students and young professionals. There are quite high salaries and a large number of offers for those who are just starting their careers. Thousands of students from foreign countries annually pass internships in Germany, as this is an indisputable advantage in finding employment in German companies.

Internships in Germany

In Germany, there are a huge number of internships in various specialties. All of them are divided depending on the education available to the intern, duration of stay and directions. Most often, students choose the following areas: hotel business, restaurant business, agriculture and agriculture, advertising business, management, finance, law, and medicine. According to statistics, Russian citizens mainly participate in research internships (medicine, economics, exact sciences), in the field of ecology and agro-cultural practical programs. The only drawback when choosing a medical direction is the need for a degree obtained at European universities.

For practical training on the basis of research centers and enterprises, the organizers can accept both specialists and volunteers without specialized education. In the field of agriculture, trainees will be able to acquire practical skills by working on eco-farms and product processing enterprises.

Terms and conditions of German internship

One of the prerequisites is knowledge of English or German. It is worth noting that there are comparatively more programs in German, so a clear score for the corresponding language exam will be an obvious advantage.

The language level must be at least B1-B2. Applications for participation in programs are accepted throughout the year. Documents are submitted 4 months before the start of the selected internship.

The average duration of educational programs is usually from 6 months to 2 years. At the same time, it is possible to extend the internship with the relevant employer. All documents must be translated into German and notarized before filing.

Summer internships in Germany

One of the most popular areas among students is summer language practice. This is a great chance to not only improve your knowledge of the language but also make good money.

A prerequisite for passing is confirmation of continuing the student's studies at a university. Duration is no more than 3 months. The participants of such educational programs are required to have knowledge of the German language is not lower than at level A2. As a rule, students are employed in hotels, spa houses, and social institutions.

Visa in Germany

To apply for a visa to Germany, permission from the Central Federal Employment Assistance Service is required. Such permission can be obtained from ZAV partner organizations, the addresses of which are indicated in the brochure available on the official website. On the resource itself, you need to fill out a form, language questionnaire, a certificate from the university and color photographs of the desired format. A prerequisite is also the presence of a foreign passport.

Internships in Germany followed by employment

In Germany, special programs are provided that are designed for those who want to find employment in German companies after undergoing training internships. To participate in such programs, you must know the German language at least at level B2, have a diploma in profile. The internship time usually varies from 1 year to 3 years.

After completing the internship, employers offer to continue to perform labor duties on an ongoing basis. In this case, an employment contract is concluded and a residence permit is issued. To obtain a residence permit in Germany, a foreign citizen must have a category D visa, which allows you to stay in the country for more than 90 days.

Internships for scientists and professors

The practice for scientists and teachers is significantly different. For interns, this is a great opportunity to conduct research, work in the largest libraries in Europe and establish contacts with colleagues. In order to apply for a scholarship, you must have a candidate or doctor of science degree, be a professor or associate professor. A mandatory requirement is the availability of the project and scientific publications in authoritative publications. You can select a program and fill out an application through the DAAD portal.

Accommodation and meals for trainees in Germany

Most often, the host provides a room or living space for the duration of the internship. Free accommodation and meals are mandatory for participants of the Au Pair program.

It also happens that you have to pay for housing yourself. In such cases, it is worth taking care of the internship region in advance, since prices depend on federal land and depend on a particular region. The scholarship provided to the trainee may fully or partially cover the cost of food and accommodation, but initially, you will have to pay for everything yourself.

How to go for an internship in Germany

If you do not know where to start, we are ready to help you with paperwork, preparation of the necessary letters of recommendation and preparation of the application. StudyQA service is ready to offer several internship programs in various fields and areas. Fill out the form on the site and wait for the callback.

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