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StudyQA is the global study search platform. With over 10 years of experience on the market of Higher Education we know the specifics and are able to create effective marketing campaigns for universities and education providers. We help universities to build the successful strategy and reach student recruitment goals.

About StudyQA

StudyQA is the global study search platform. We strive to help talented individuals from around the world fulfill their dreams by empowering them with facts and data on programs, universities and courses. We assist universities in finding & engaging the right students from around the world. We help universities to identify the students that have the most potential to succeed and our targeted recruitment strategies let them concentrate on the most qualified applicants, simplifying the student recruitment process.

We keep ROI in mind. We will make sure the budget is spent as efficiently as possible
We use advanced digital targeting tools based on student behaviour patterns and a wealth of data we collect every year from running marketing and advertising campaigns.
Our wide partnership network enables our partners to reach even wider student audiences
Our pre-screening strategy allows universities to concentrate on the most qualified applicants, streamlining the student recruitment process.
No hidden steps: you will get full insights about who your leads are and where they came from
We are the only platform with smart AI chatbot assistant, which helps answer student questions and capture prospective leads
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Our Clients
Hult International Business School
Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
The Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences
IMI International Management Institute
Sberbank Insurance
ITMO University
Trinity College Dublin
EduCo Global
Higher School of Economics
Swiss Education Group
International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef
EHL - Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne
Istituto Europeo di Design
The American Graduate School of Business
BEBS Executive Business School
ESC Clermont Graduate School of Management
University of Freiburg
Geneva Business School
Insa Lyon
Kazan Federal University
Radboud University Nijmegen
NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences
Universidad Catolica San Antonio de Murcia
BPP University
Stockholm School of Economics
Advent Group
EBS Business School
The QS World University Tour
United World Colleges
College of Foreign Affairs Ministry
Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
What our clients say

“I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to StudyQA team who created and managed premium listing campaigns for me as well as social platform page. It was an absolute pleasure working with Sasha, Sofya and Elena. These ladies are very dedicated, personable and professional. For someone whose schedule is very busy, I was relieved to be able to outsource a significant part of SEO management and online promotion to StudyQ who were very diligent and prompt with weekly posts and updates, highly recommended!”

International Officer

“It is a pleasure working with you, and the campaign is going pretty well, thank you for your professionalism!”

Team leader International Marketing, Recruitment and Admission
Radboud university

“We had started a campaign on StudyQA with the goal of reaching an audience present in Eastern Europe mainly in countries as Russia, Ukraine and those surrounding them. With the consistent support of StudyQA and regular exchange of ideas, the campaign has allowed us to understand the needs of students from the area, to better address them and attract them to our business school. Thanks to the campaign, we will be welcoming the first Ukranian student following a 3-year Bachelor degree and the first Ukranian student doing the MSc. in International Commerce & Digital Marketing. Last but not least, the platform is very user-friendly for us as well facilitating the contact and tracking of both prospects and candidates.”

ESC Clermont

“We were happy about both their days in St. Petersburg and in Moscow, we also met prospective students at one on one sessions which had been really great :) Thanks a lot for all your help and effort in this event!”

Program Marketing Manager
Stockholm School of Economics

“I am very positive about the campaign we had, it was a pleasure to work with you. Would be happy to work together again soon.”

Regional Sales Manager
Geneva Business School

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  • Be at the top of our listing and make it easier for the students to find your university
  • Get tag ‘We like” to attract more students
  • Receive at least 8000 impressions per month
  • Receive student inquiries directly into your inbox and/or CRM
  • Get full information about who viewed your profile, number of views, clicks, geography and etc.
Why Premium Listing?

PL service would suit a university with a smaller marketing budget. We see best results for programmes with tuition fees less than 12 000$ per year. 6 to 12 months campaign for 3-10 programmes will allow you to get a better idea, whether the local students are a good fit for your institution, while at the same time you are guaranteed to receive at least 10 leads per month for each programme.

Choose your plan
Professional profile
1 User
Up to 10 student enquiries
Link to your website
Priority Listing
News and Press-Releases
min 8000 impressions/mo
Multi-language profile
E-mail Marketing Service
E-mail Support
6 months
Unlimited student enquiries/mo
Featured among 'Similar Programs'.
Professional profile
Priority Listing
1 social media boost (over 200 000 reach)
8000 impressions/mo guaranteed
2 Users
Link to your website
News and Press-Releases
Email Support
12 months
Unlimited student enquiries/mo
Featured among 'Similar Programs'.
Professional profile
Priority Listing
2 social media boosts (over 400 000 reach)
12000 impressions/mo guaranteed
2 Users
Link to your website
News and Press-Releases
Email Support

LG campaigns are custom developed digital marketing campaigns, which are designed to reach very targeted student audiences in a short period of time.All our ads are monitored on a daily and even hourly basis, our staff is using cutting edge marketing tools to stay on top of emerging trends and constant changes and innovations, which are introduced by advertising platforms.

We create a tailored landing page with only essential information on it to be able to clearly deliver the message to the students and convert them into leads.

We attract the right students using digital ads from Google Adwords, Yandex.Direct, VK, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, smart geolocation etc and drive them to the landing page, collect the leads and provide you with the valid ones so that you could focus only on them saving your time and resource

Why Lead Generation?

LG is a very powerful tool to quickly gather student leads, who fit specific criteria your institution has set, not limited to geography, English language ability, academic background, financial standing, etc. These campaigns usually run for 3-6 months and generate 200 - 1500 quality leads. Each campaign differs from another and will be fully customisable for your current goals on the market.

Telemarketing Support

Our telemarketing service will save time and resources of your university recruitment team by allowing them to focus on hot and warm leads straight after the calls.
Achieve better conversion rates by making follow-up phone calls to prospective applicants:

  • Get insights about your leads motivation, English level, what universities and countries they areinterested in and if they can afford tuition fees, etc.
  • Deliver the right message to the right prospective students at the right time.
    Our telemarketing team will make conversational and relaxed calls, talk leads through your university/programs and learn more about the students needs, laying a personalized foundation for further communication with your institution
  • Receive reports about audience segments: hot, warm and cold leads. Get access to questions and comments from students as well as their concerns
Price: starts at 5$/per lead
Instagram Promo

There are more than 400 million Russian- speaking users on instagram. We are experts in Instagram promotion and know how to engage the audience and keep their attention using all the trending features. Creating the Russian-speaking community helps to build long term relations with the audience.

  • Attract more students via Instagram with informative and entertaining content
  • We will create for you the community using the visuals in corporate colors within branding guidelines
  • Using a wide range of tools we are able to attract the right people and build a strong community
Why Instagram Promo?

Local students spend 2 hours of their daily lives on Instagram. International education is a huge trend, only growing every year. We are able to develop a lively and engaging local student community, which will visualise studying at your institution, bring it closer and ultimately generate more student enquiries and applications. Most common plans include a 6 months Instagram promo and a small lead generation campaign.

1 month
2-3 post to week
Translation services
1-2 paid advertisements
Daily monitoring of the group
Interaction with followers
Answers to basic questions regarding studies and university

Number of followers/month

6 month
(7,7% discount)
2-3 post to week
Translation services
1-2 paid advertisements
Daily monitoring of the group
Interaction with followers
Answers to basic questions regarding studies and university

Number of followers/month

6 months plus
3-4 post to week
Translation services
3-4 paid advertisements
Daily monitoring of the group
Interaction with followers
Answers to basic questions regarding studies and university

Number of followers/month


Our groups on VK have over 250 000 active followers, we boast one of the largest communities on international education in the Russian-speaking Internet segment.

  • Our groups on VK have over 250 000 active followers, we boast one of the largest communities on international education in the Russian-speaking Internet segment.
  • Reach out to students via, so called ‘Russian Facebook’ with over 480 mln users from Russia and CIS countries
  • If you don’t have university page in Russian language, will be indexed by the search engines and would be working for you as a website, but also with real interaction and dialog with the students
Why VK.COM? is the same as Facebook, but for Eurasia. When a local student is looking for a university, they will first search for it on will amplify your message on the regional markets and serve as your Russian language website. 6-12 months campaigns are the most popular. We will present a media plan for you every month, arrange the moderation and reply to basic questions. All student leads and serious questions will be forwarded to your institutional representative.

Getting started

Page Setup and Promo Campaign includes:

VK Public Page initial set up. Basic info and news about the university, photos, link to materials for international students, contacts etc
Initial promo campaign (sponsored posts in relevant communities, target ads)
Up to ten sponsored posts
Translation services
Min 500 followers guaranteed
Timing: 4 weeks
Budget: $ 1500
Thinking long-term

VK Public Page Long Term Support Includes:

New publications (they can be university news, student or alumni testimonials, expert advice, interesting facts about the country university is localed etc), two announcements per week
Translation services
Supporting Promo compaign (sponsored posts and target ads to promote the page, min 250 followers each month guaranteed)
Daily monitoring for inappropriate activities
Answers to basic questions about the university and study options
Timing: 12 months (or 6 months)
Budget: $ 7000 (or $ 4000)

Monthly serices:

150 follower guaranteed: 650 $/month
250 follower guaranteed: 1150 $/month

VK Live

VK Live is one of the most successful features that has implemented in the past couple of years. VK live helps you to deliver a clear message about your university, make the information transparent and solve the main doubts of the audience.

  • We help you to prepare for the live stream and advertise it
  • During live stream tell all the advantages of your university
  • Interact with the students, answer their questions and raise the awareness about your programs
  • After the stream collect all the data about the people who was attending and continue working with them as potential students
VK Live Includes
Promotion of your lifestream in our group on with over 250 000 followers and other social media channels
Unlimited student inquiries
Monitoring and responding to users’ comments during the live event
You will get a feedback with the information about total number of viewers, their questions and profiles
Budget: 1100$
VK Live Recorded includes
... everything from the VK Live
Automatically recording and saving live streams in our public on Users can also search for your live streams later and find them in related videos
Budget: 1350$
Social Media Pack

Social Media Pack helps to reach more than 200 000 impressions during the campaign using different social media sources. Includes:

  • 3 posts in
  • 3 posts in Telegram
  • 2 posts in Facebook
  • 2 stories in instagram
  • banner on the website (300 clicks)

There's plenty StudyQA can do online to help get people to notice, care about, and register for your next event. Email marketing, mobile marketing, search engine optimization, and social media all have important roles to play in advertising your event online.

  • Be sure that you will get the right amount of attendees to your event
  • Meet ambitious students, who is interested in pursuing studies in the country of university location
  • Get an idea of what students are asking for, what is important to them, how they make decisions on studying abroad and where the market is moving, whether or not the courses offered are of interest and appropriate
Why Small Events?

A small meetup with 40-100 students is a highly convertible strategy to attract applicants to your academic programmes. It works best if you are coming to attend a fair and can stay for another day to invite students you met at the fair to your presentation and interact with other local students, who we have hand picked and pre-screened for you.


Opening a new market or growing your presence in the existing one can be tricky not only because of the language, cultural differences and mentality, but because of shifts in economy, politics, cultural trends. Is the timing right to start expanding to Eurasia? Which programs will be of more interest to local students? Is there a market fit for Kazakhstan? Should we promote in Uzbekistan or concentrate on Ukraine? Which fairs should we attend? What our competitors are doing there?
Having worked on the local markets for 10 years now our team knows the specifics of the region, key stakeholders, student choice patterns, which are among the vital components in positioning of the university and its brand in the region.

  • Market fit, brand positioning
  • Designing tailored promotional and student recruitment strategy
  • Advice on fairs, student recruitment agents, local partners
  • Assessing and advising on current promotional strategy
  • Competitor analysis