StudyQA — About us

StudyQA is a smart search platform for programs, universities and scholarships around the world. We aim to help students from developing countries where access to information on higher education abroad is very limited find universities and colleges which suit their interest, match their background and going where they are able to afford. On the other hand we assist universities in reaching out to talented individuals around the world and bring diversity to their campuses. This is why we are building StudyQA.

StudyQA offers a smart selection of educational programs. Our service helps students search, analyze and compare available educational programs offered by thousands universities around the world on all levels. Whether you are looking for a degree or a certificate, online or offline, full-time or part-time — StudyQA will make it easier for you. We will get you the facts, you will make the decision!

Smart selection of academic programs and schools

StudyQA quickly performs a university and academic programs search by major, location, finaid, type of college, your academic interests and much more! So you can focus on preparing for exams, tests and writing a stellar motivation letter.

Get connected to universities directly

You might find it useful to reach out to admissions to ask specific questions about the program you are interested in. Talking to a student or alumni of that university can also be helpful when making a decision. Feel free to ask questions! Universities are there to help you.

Applying to universities

When it comes to collecting required application documents you might want to ask for professional help. Turning to a local verified and trustworthly advisor or recruiting agent can be of great value when applying to highly selective schools or students targeting schools with special financial aid programs for international students. We will match you with trustworthy advisors in your area which can provide you with the help and advice that you  need.

Our top priority is to build a great product that will fit people's needs. Which is why your feedback is crucial for us. Whatever you have to say, good or bad, ideas or inspirations, please send it all to