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United States is probably the most attractive destination for millions of students from all over the world: its world-class universities and incredible career opportunities are famous everywhere. Moreover, US education system is very diverse: students could choose among hundreds of different universities and programs. American universities occupy top positions in almost all the leading international reankings. However, education in the United States may be expensive, but best students usually have a chance to get scholarships from their universities.

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In the USA, there is no unified federa system of education, each state has the right to determine its structure and educational standards independently. Country’s national higher education system is divided into bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree. These degrees are recognized all over the world. 

Prospective undergraduate students have to provide their high school transcripta and pass the SAT or ACT tests. International students also have to provide an English language certificate (TOEFL of IETLS). Bachelor programs in the USA usually takes 3 or 4 years. 

Master's programs in the USA require students to provide the results of GRE or GMAT test. Some universities also require motivation letters, personal essays and letters of recommendation. Professional schools may also organize additional tests or require a portfolio. To apply for this programs, students have to have an undergraduate degree: high GPA as well as scientific and extracurricular activities increase the chances to be admitted.

The USA universities offer study programs in various fields, including technical and humanitarian specializations. However, the USA is especially famous for its bachelor and master degrees in Engineering, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Management, Marketing, Humanities and Art.



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