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Feels like family.

Imagine a big family—one that’s warm, welcoming, smart and fun. That’s California State University Channel Islands (CI), a four-year, public university in Camarillo, California. Established in 2002, we’re the youngest of 23 campuses in the CSU family.


While our name suggests we’re surrounded by water, relax. You won’t need a ferry to get here. Camarillo is midway between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles and just 25 miles from Malibu. CI’s nestled against the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains—and close to the Pacific Ocean and the Pacific Coast Highway.

Our Mission

At CI, everything—and we mean everything—connects to our mission and our “Four Pillars.” Our mission statement boils down to this: No matter which of our academic programs you choose, you’ll be at the center of your educational experience. Your education rests on our Four Pillars:

International—an internationalized curriculum, a diverse campus community, and studying abroad opportunities

Integrative—CI’s signature interdisciplinary approach

Multicultural—a campus that reflects the real world; a curriculum that prepares you for it

Community engagement—valuable experience you need and a chance to make the world better

Our Strategy

CI always strives to be a campus of innovation and inclusion, supporting your success. You will be challenged to grow as a leader, experience new countries and cultures, serve and enhance your community, and join in making your education have real-world value.

  • Anthropology

  • Applied Physics

    You're fascinated by the mysteries of the universe. You want an education that allows you to explore the fundamental laws of nature and apply them for practical, human purposes.

    As a student in California State University Channel Islands (CI)'s Applied Physics Program, you will study the interface between science and technology, work one-on-one with inspiring and dedicated faculty, and receive an innovative, interdisciplinary education focused on you – one that prepares you for high-demand, highly rewarding high-tech careers.

  • Art

    You're a creative person—someone who enjoys fine art or design, and wants to take your ideas to the next level. You imagine a future where art isn't just something you do in your spare time, but a major part of your contribution to the world. By studying Art at California State University Channel Islands (CI), you'll receive an education that's creative, innovative, and focused on you.

  • Biology

    You’re fascinated by life - at the molecular, cellular, and organismal levels. You’re curious - about the relationship between life forms and their environment. By studying Biology at California State University Channel Islands (CI), you’ll receive an education that’s creative, innovative and focused on your goals and interests. 

  • Business

    You already know it: You have a brain for business. Whether you want to build your own company or help a nonprofit organization succeed, studying in the Martin V. Smith School of Business & Economics will prepare you for a variety of careers through an education that's creative, innovative, and focused on you and your future success.

  • Chemistry

    You’re curious why matter behaves the way it does.  You seek out scientific answers through play and experimentation.  You want to contribute to new discoveries that make the world a better place. In the Chemistry Program at California State University Channel Islands (CI), you’ll explore and grow as a scientist through hands-on experiential learning and research, an encouraging, student-focused environment, dedicated and inspiring faculty, and a rigorous education in the fundamentals of chemistry. 

  • Chicana

    You're fascinated by the past and current transborder experiences of Chicana/o and Latina/o populations, and their respective nations of origin in Latin America and the Caribbean. You’re also interested on how Latino/as have influenced and enriched the community and cultural life of the United States. As a Chicana/o Studies major at California State University Channel Islands (CI), you'll receive an international, multicultural, interdisciplinary and community service-oriented education focused onyou – one that prepares you for success as a global citizen in the 21st century.

  • Communication

    Maybe you’ve imagined yourself designing a strategic health campaign—or helping to shape public policy about our National Parks. Maybe you want to begin a non-profit organization or own your own public relations firm? By studying Communication at California State University Channel Islands (CI), you’ll receive an education that’s creative, innovative, grounded in theoretical understanding and focused on giving you hands-on experience.

  • Computer Science & Information Technology

    CI is known for its interdisciplinary approach to learning and our computer science program is no exception. You’ll gain a strong background in computer hardware and software and gain the critical thinking skills you need to be successful.  By studying Computer Science at California State University Channel Islands (CI), you’ll receive an education that’s creative, innovative and focused on you.

  • Credential

    You live to share your love of learning. You have the passion and dedication to help the students of today become the leaders of tomorrow. In California State University Channel Islands' (CI) Teaching Credential and Authorization Programs, you'll be well-prepared to meet the needs of the diverse students in California's public schools - and for a successful and fulfilling career as a teacher.

  • Education

    You can look back at your school years and see them - a teacher, a mentor, a principal who inspired you. You want the opportunity to inspire others - in the classroom and in life. At California State University Channel Islands (CI), you'll receive an education that's creative, innovative and focused on you so that you can share your passion with others.

  • Economics

    At your core, you're curious. About behavior - in humans, in businesses, in government. About the environment - and how we impact it. About the world - and what's happening in it. You want to develop a financial awareness - one that will help you (and in turn, others) make good decisions - from where to invest money to what bank is best. By studying Economics at California State University Channel Islands (CI), you'll benefit from a creative, interdisciplinary approach to learning - and an education that puts you at the center.

  • Environmental Science & Resource Management

    You have a head for science and a heart for the environment. You want to help solve the planet’s most pressing problems and forge a more sustainable path for our future. In California State University Channel Islands’ (CI) Environmental Science & Resource Management (ESRM) Program, you will gain a solid understanding of the environment from both scientific and human perspectives, learn from talented, dedicated faculty, and start making a difference through intensive academic, field-based research and volunteer opportunities.

  • Health Sciences

    You want to make your mark on the world by helping people live healthier lives.  If you’re considering a career in healthcare, the Health Sciences program at California State University Channel Islands (CI) offers a solid foundation for a variety of roles in public and private health services, as well as graduate studies. 

  • History

    You’re captivated by the human experience. Where we’ve been. Where we’re going. By studying History at California State University Channel Islands (CI), you’ll receive an education that’s creative, innovative and focused on you - and that will lead you to a great future.

  • Liberal Studies

    You’re curious. Your interests are diverse and far-reaching. You want to integrate your knowledge and experience and share what you've learned with others. By studying Liberal Studies at California State University Channel Islands (CI), you’ll receive an education that’s creative, innovative and focused on you - and one that will prepare you for an outstanding future.

  • Mathematics

    Are you good in problem solving? Do you like numbers, games, puzzles, and complicated problems? By studying Mathematics at California State University Channel Islands (CI), you'll receive a rigorous, rewarding education that will help you succeed in any field.

  • Nursing

    You’re a person who cares. About health. About the health of others. About individuals, families, and communities. You want a career where you can make a difference—one person at a time. By studying Nursing at California State University Channel Islands (CI), you’ll receive an innovative, interdisciplinary education that’s focused on you—one that will prepare you for a successful nursing career. 

  • Performing Arts

    You gravitate to the stage, screen or stadium.  Your passion is creating something of beauty to share with the world.  Whether your interest is theatre, music or dance, the Performing Arts program at California State University Channel Islands (CI) offers a creative, collaborative and nurturing environment where you can learn from experienced professional artists and grow as an artist yourself.

  • Political Science

    You’re addicted to politics. You’re fascinated by how people, power and policy shape the world around us and impact our everyday lives. You care about improving your community, solving societal problems and inequities, and influencing government and public policy. As a student in the Political Science program, you’ll gain valuable insight, experience and analytical skills by studying one of civilization’s most powerful and influential forces.

  • Psychology

    Are you curious about aspects of the mind related to human nature, our relationship to each other, and our relationship to the world at large? Come study Psychology at California State University Channel Islands (CI). You'll receive an education that is creative, innovative, and focused on you - one that will prepare you for an incredible future!

  • Sociology

    You enjoy watching members of social groups interact and are interested in understanding the meaning of social affairs. You have a passion for observing patterns of behavior connected with dominant social institutions such as law, family, politics, religion, the economy and art. By studying Sociology at CI, you'll receive an education that's diverse, rigorous and focused on preparing you for a successful career in a wide range of fields.

Historical Event

1911 Nancy Ann Donohoo Taylor (Taylor Ranch) stipulates in her will that her assets be sold and one-third of the proceeds be used to found a university in Ventura County. Taylor's three surviving children successfully contest their mother's will; property reverts to Edward, Charles and Alice Taylor Grubb.

1965 State Senator Robert J. Lagomarsino co-authors Senate Bill 288 with Assemblyman Burt Hansen, calling for establishment of a four year college in Ventura County.

1965 Governor Pat Brown signs a bill authorizing $20,000 for an advance acquisition site study for a state college for Ventura County

1969 CSU purchases 425 acres in Simi Valley for future Ventura County University.

1974 UC/CSU Ventura Learning Center opens. Joyce M. Kennedy hired on a two-month contract to identify postsecondary educational needs of Ventura County.

1975/6 Governor Jerry Brown signs SB 928 authorizing sale of 425 acre Simi Valley site ($3,050,000)

1983 Ventura Learning Center changes name to University Center at Ventura.

1985 Senator Gary Hart introduces SB 1103 to authorize new site selection study for Ventura County; $250,000 is appropriated for the study. Gov. Deukmejian signs into law.

1986 Gov. Deukmejian includes $19 million in proposed budget for the purchase of CSU off campus sites – Ventura and San Diego

1987 Governor signs budget; minimumof $7 million allocated for Ventura. New search process commences. Negotiations for Lusk property abandoned.

1988 With strong community support, CSU Board of Trustees authorize negotiations for a portion of Taylor Ranch for CSU Academic Center. The jointly administered UCSB/CSUN University at Ventura is dissolved. CSUN Ventura Campus moves to expanded quarters at 2151  Alessandro Dr.,Ventura.

1990 Acquisition of the Taylor Ranch site is abandoned after public outcry. CSU establishes 35-member community panel to evaluate alternative campus locations.

1991 CSU Board of Trustees authorizes negotiations to acquire a portion of the Duntley-Chaffee property in Camarillo (Central Avenue). (Purchased in 1996 through condemnation.)

1992 Congressman Robert J. Lagomarsino chooses Cal State Northridge, Ventura Campus as a repository for documents relating to his career in public service.

1995 (May)Chancellor Barry Munitz speaks at rally to mark acquisition of Camarillo (Central Avenue) site and attends unveiling of sign at Central Avenue and Beardsley marking site of proposed CSU campus.

1996 (Jan.)J. Handel Evans appointed Planning President to assist in the development of the Ventura County campus of CSU.

1996 (Mar.)Passage of statewide school bond (Proposition 203) funnels almost $1 million to Ventura campus (CSUCI) for planning.

1996 (Jul. 10)CSU Trustees approve naming of the 23rd campus – California State University Channel Islands. (A panel of community leaders was formed and submitted the name recommendation of California State University Channel Islands which was then presented to the CSU Board of Trustees for approval.)

1996 (Sep.)CSUCI Foundation formed with first organizational meeting held Sep. 1996 Formal approval of Foundation as a non profit organization confirmed Jul. 1997 First meeting of full Foundation Board members held Feb. 11, 1998

1996 (Jul.-Nov.)Governor Wilson appoints a Task Force of community leaders to recommend re-use of the Camarillo State Hospital facility upon closure of the hospital. The first recommendation of the Task Force was the conversion of the facility into a public university.

1997 (Feb.)CSU Channel Islands Steering Committee was formed and the first meeting held Feb. 25, 1997.

1997 (Jul.)Needs Assessment Analysis finalized – "An Assessment of Higher Education Needs in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties - (NCHEMS report)."

1997 (Sep.)SB 623 (O'Connell) approved – transfer of Camarillo State Hospital property to the California State University.

1997 (Sep.)CSU Board of Trustees delegate to the Chancellor the authority to pursueand accept conveyance of the former site of the Camarillo State Hospital to the CSU subject to certain conditions.

1997 (Sep.)CSU Trustees approve moving the CSU Northridge extension facility to the proposed CSUCI campus.

1997 (Oct.)State approves $607,000 in additional start up funds for CSUCI

1998 (Jan.)CSUCI administration (President Evans and staff of four) moves from the Alessandro Street (Ventura) location to the Administration Building on the former Camarillo State Hospital site. (The facility is in "warm shut-down" from Jul. 1997 to Jun. 1998.)

1998 (Feb.)CSU Channel Islands Academic Advisory Council formed and first meeting held Feb. 4, 1999. (The name was subsequently changed to CSU Channel Islands University Planning Council in Jul. 2000.)

1998 (Jun.)EIR Report "CSU Channel Islands Master Plan" published and public hearings held.

1998 (Jul.)Governor Wilson approves permanent base operating budget for CSUCI of $5.2 mllion.

1998 (Aug.)"Green Campus" concept proposed for CSUCI. Workshop: "Growing a Green Campus" held Jun. 11, 1999.

1998 (Fall)First publication of CSU Channel Islands "Current" newsletter.

1998 (Sep.)Governor Wilson approved SB1923 (Jack O'Connell) establishing the CSUCI Site Authority to facilitate and provide for the financing and support of the transition of the site for use as a campus.

1998 (Sep.)CSU Board of Trustees approves EIR and acquisition and reuse of the (former Camarillo State Hospital) facility as CSU's 23rd campus.

1998 (Oct. 1)Conveyance of former Camarillo State Hospital property to the CSU. Conveyance ceremony celebrating the conveyance of the property by Anne Sheehan, Secretary, State and Consumer Service Agency and Acceptance of conveyance of property on behalf of the California State University by Chancellor Charles B. Reed.

1998 (Nov.)CSU Trustees approve budget including $6.5 million for conversion including $11.3 million for renovation and Phase I conversion for Bell Tower building to ready it for incoming CSUN extension students for fall 1999.

1999 (Jan.)Ventura County and Cal Trans identified funds (approximate total $60 million) for road improvements which will benefit CSUCI including reconstruction of the interchange at Lewis Road and Highway 101 and the widening of Lewis Road from Pleasant Valley to Hueneme Road.

1999 (Feb.)Ventura County Transportation Commission allocates approximately $3.2 million to CSUCI for a range of advanced transportation programs meant to minimize pollution and traffic (i.e., bus shuttle, electric bicycles, bike lanes, fuel efficient vehicles.) These grants will assist in furthering development of the "green" campus.

1999 (Mar.)"Dolphins" adopted as the mascot for CSU Channel Islands upon the recommendation and unanimous vote of CSUN Ventura Campus Associated Students on Feb. 18, 1999.

1999 (Feb.)First meeting of the CSU Channel Islands Site Authority held Feb. 1, 1999.

1999 (May)Portion of CALSTART $1 million federal grant award helps create a network of advanced transportation systems at CSUCI using electric vehicles, shuttle buses and a bicycle lending program to assist in our goal as a green campus.

1999 (May)CSU Board of Trustees approve a resolution directing that a new campus, California State University Channel Islands, be established as a comprehensive university in the California State University system subject to certain conditions being met, i.e., establishment of CSUCI is recommended by CPEC; the Chancellor is assured that all relevant trustee policy requirements have been met; the 2000-2001 budget request for $10 million and the 2001-02 budget request for $3 million for a combined permanent cost of $13 are approved; and senior academic staff are selected and hired.

1999 (Jul.)Initial facility renovation project (Bell tower) of 100,000 gross square feet to accommodate relocation of existing CSUN off campus center completed.

1999 (Jul.)Governor Wilson approves permanent $2 million increase in CSUCI's operating budget.

1999 (Jul.)CSUN at Channel Islands (formerly CSUN Ventura Off Campus / Extension Center) moves to campus in Jul. and students begin fall classes on campus in Bell Tower Building in Aug..

1999 (Sep.)John Spoor Broome donates $5 million for the new CSUCI Library.

1999 (Sep.)CSU Trustees approve naming the John Spoor Broome Library at CSU Channel Islands in recognition of Mr. Broome.

2000 (Mar.)Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) published

2000 (Mar.)Martin V. (Bud) Smith establishes a $5 million endowment to CSUCI for business related studies. Gift includes establishing endowments: $1 million for scholarships for students; $2 million for the betterment of the faculty; $1 million for a chair to study land use; and $1 million at the discretion of the President.

2000 (Apr.)Needs analysis prepared for the California Postsecondary Education Commission (CPEC) published, "Planning for a New University in Ventura County," calling for opening of the new university in fall 2002, with first freshman class to arrive in Fall 2003.

2000 (May)CSU Trustees approve naming of the Martin V. Smith Building for Business Studies at CSU Channel Islands in honor of Mr. Smith.

2000 (May 10)CSU Board of Trustees approve the joint powers authority "CSUCI Financing Authority" for financing activities at CSUCI

2000 (Jun.)Opening of President's Garden on CSUCI campus Jun. 4, 2000, to celebrate Founding of President' Circle (200 founding members – tile wall unveiled).

2000 (Jun.)CSU Channel Islands Site Authority approves the Supplemental EIR, the Specific Reuse Plan and the Campus Physical Master Plan

2000 (Jun.)Escrow closed on purchase of 35 acre parcel adjacent to campus from the Operating Engineers Trust for $142,000 made possible through a grant from the Wallis Foundation. This land purchase is in keeping with working toward our goal of a green campus by acquiring more open space.

2000 (Jul.)Governor Davis approves $10 million state budget allocation for fiscal year 2000-2001 for CSUCI, which will enable the hiring of the initial planning faculty.

2000 (Jul. 19)CSU Board of Trustees concurred with the findings in the Final Environmental Impact Report for CSUCI, approved the Specific Reuse Plan (which authorizes building 900 homes on 150 acres on the east campus), and approved the initial Campus Physical Master Plan for development of CSUCI over the next 25 years.

2000 (Sep. 16)The first President's Dinner is held on campus in the North Quad Dining Hall with 500 guests in attendance. The evening's honorees include: John S. Broome, Martin V. Smith and Carolyn Leavens.

2000 (Nov. 3)California Postsecondary Education Commission (CPEC) approval of the establishment of CSU Channel Islands.

USA requirements for international students

Each university in the Unites States of America sets its own admission standards so there isn't the same criteria for all the students and the university can decide which applicants meet those standards. The fee for each application is between $35 to $100. 

After the selections of the universities you want to attend, the best of all would be to contact each university for an application form and more admission information for the international students. Moreover, for a graduate or postgraduate program it's necessary to verify the admission requirements. Some programs require that you send your application directly to their department. 

Admissions decisions are based on students's academic record and different test scores, such as TOEFL, the SAT or ACT (for undergraduate programs) and GRE or GMAT (for graduate programs). Admission decision is based on your academic results and motivation.

California State University Channel Islands (CI) is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), 985 Atlantic Avenue, #100, Alameda, CA 94501, 510.748.9001. CI was granted initial accreditation for seven years effective May 19, 2007.

Accreditation Reaffirmation

California State University Channel Islands (CI) is currently engaged in the WASC accreditation reaffirmation process.  The self-study report will be submitted by August 7, 2014, the Offsite Review call is scheduled for October 30, 2014, and the Accreditation Visit is scheduled for April 8-10, 2015.  CI has created two types of teams to accomplish this process, compliance and essay. 

Compliance Teams consist of two people, who will be assigned one of the WASC’s 48 compliance areas.  The assigned compliance area will not be in the team members’ area of expertise.  The team will interview relevant people and electronically submit: a URL that demonstrates that we have met the compliance area; the name (s), title, and email contact for the person/people responsible for your selected compliance area; a short description on how the person(s) insure that the selected compliance area is student centered; and a short description on how the person(s) insure that innovation and continuous improvement infused into the compliance area. 

Essay Teams will research and draft essays for the self-study report.  Essay topics include Response to Previous Commission Actions and Recommendations, Undergraduate Degree, Graduate Degree, Student Success, and Sustainability.  Teams vary in size, and include faculty, staff, administrators, students, and community partners.

CSU Channel Islands (CI) is a very special place – and you get the very best of what our campus has to offer when you live right in the center of it all in Anacapa or Santa Cruz Village! We offer a complete residential education program and trained staff to support student success, relationship development, and full engagement in the CI experience.

In the Division of Student Affairs, Housing and Residential Education supports the mission of our University by providing facilities, services, and programs to ensure students live and learn in a secure, comfortable, and accessible environment. Our student-centered approach is designed to promote academic success, personal growth, responsible citizenship, and service to the community.

"It is the mission of University Glen Hospitality Services to provide CSU Channel Islands students, faculty, staff and other members of the California State University, Channel Islands community and guests with high quality dining, catering and conference services, which are contemporary, diverse, safe, aesthetically pleasing, responsive to customer needs and feature a variety of nutritious and innovative dining options. These services are provided in a fiscally responsible way that complement and enhance the educational mission of the University."

Get into it

To get the most out of California State University Channel Islands (CI), don’t just go to class and go home. CI offers plenty of ways for you to get involved, improve your leadership skills and make friends—and memories—that will last a lifetime.

Get involved through:

Associated Students Inc. (ASI)—take part in leadership opportunities throughStudent Government, Student Programming Board, The CI View student newspaper and The Nautical yearbook.

Campus Recreation—work out at the Rec Center, kayak (and countless other activities) through Outdoor Adventures, or compete in intramural and extramural sports or sports clubs

Intercultural Services—from our Latina/o Heritage Celebration to our National Day of Silence brings attention to issues facing the LGBT community

Student Leadership—get connected to Student Leadership Programs through our Student Engagement and Applied Leadership (SEAL) Center

Student Organizations—choose from more than 40 student clubs and organizations.

Campus Recreation seeks to create healthy learning communities to compliment the University's mission. Campus Recreation provides programs that promote friendly competition while seeking to create and affirm a collegial campus culture. Through its programs and services, Campus Recreation assists students in creating a healthy lifestyle by balancing the mental demands of academic pursuits with the physical benefits of fitness and recreation. Campus Recreation provides programming and activities in six categories:

Health and Fitness

Informal (Open) Recreation

Intramural and Extramural Sports

Outdoor Adventures

Channel Islands Boating Center

Sports Clubs

Membership and Passes

Purpose Statement

The purpose of Intercultural Services is to educate students on issues of diversity and equality, to advocate for under-represented groups on campus, to affirm and celebrate the unique heritage of our students, to promote awareness, understanding, and appreciation for all peoples and cultures, to be a uniting force on campus, and to foster an environment that is emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually safe and beneficial to all areas of student life and development.

Vision Statement

It is Intercultural Services' goal to be more proactive than reactive by encouraging collaboration and dialogue between students, faculty, staff, and administrators of diverse backgrounds, and by being a forum through which people can communicate, voice their concerns, and learn from one another.

Intercultural Services will especially focus on how racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination work together and reinforce each other. By exploring these intersections, we hope to find meaningful ways of combating these issues as they arise on our campus, in society at large, and in students’ personal lives.

Through our mission, we hope the students of CSU Channel Islands will be able to achieve their personal, professional, and intellectual goals. We honor intrinsic human worth that cuts across lines of race, religion, gender, sex, class, and culture and we are working to take this message to the campus community and beyond.


Inclusiveness is a principle that welcomes, acknowledges and celebrates CSU Channel Islands' diversity – what makes us different and unique.  Inclusiveness creates an environment that encourages and fosters open communication, innovative thought and ideas, decision-making and equality.

The below We Will statements indicate our commitment to inclusiveness as an on-going and active process.*

We will embrace and celebrate our individual and collective talents, understanding that they are best utilized when collaboratively engaged.

We will respect and value the different perspectives of others, realizing that our differences contribute to the value and excellence of our University.

We will collaborate and foster participation in a welcoming environment, removing barriers and actively engaging all people, at all levels, in all functions.

We will increase awareness of our comments, actions and impacts, with a willingness to make changes for the common good.

We will value and promote an inclusive environment by continually assessing and improving our organizational policies and practices.

We will foster a sense of community through commitment and accountability by demonstrating respectful behavior.

We will commit to expanding our world view on a continuing basis.

Time to study and time to play. 

When you need a break, you'll find there are lots of great things to do nearby. 

Explore the big city

CI is almost exactly half-way between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, two vibrant and thriving centers of arts, culture and entertainment. Both are only about 1 hour by car, or better yet: take the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner train or Metrolink from Camarillo to beat the traffic and enjoy the SoCal scenery in speed and comfort.  

Grab a bite or drink

Camarillo has a wide selection of tasty dining options, from locally caught fish to barbecued tri-tip, from Mexican to Mongolian. Take a stroll down Ventura Boulevard in old town Camarillo to find your new favorite spot. Or wander further afield to explore the food truck scene in Oxnard's Plaza Park or classic beach shack dining at Neptune's Net on Pacific Coast Highway. 

Eat local & seasonal

Our region provides a cornucopia of some of the world's best produce. Pick up seasonal, organic produce at the certified Farmers' Market in old Town Camarillo every Saturday. Be sure to sample the strawberries, citrus and avocados that Ventura County is known for. 

Celebrate everything

This region loves festivals, large and small, which take place year round. Whethercelebrating avocados, strawberries, or Greek food and culture, there's always something new to discover.  

Popcorn and a movie

Camarillo has several movie theaters featuring everything from latest Hollywood blockbuster to independent, art-house cinema.

Take a hike

There is great local hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains, including the spectacularBackbone Trail, with lots of great trails of all ability ranges (from leisurely to strenuous). Trails are accessible from both Potrero Road at Rancho Satwiwa and Pacific Coast Highway. 

Come sail away

Explore the Channel Islands with regular trips by boat from the Channel Islands harbor. Or learn to kayak or take a sailing class through Campus Recreation. 

Fun in the sun

Like to surf? Plenty of great surf spots up and down the coast from campus, and lots of beautiful beaches for stretching out and soaking up the sun. 

Roll on two wheels

The Camarillo area is well-known for its flat roads and prevalent bike lanes, and Pacific Coast Highway makes for scenic bike touring.

Prefer the dirt? Plenty of challenging mountain bike trails dot the Santa Monica Mountains. Some of the closest are easily accessible from Potrero Road at Rancho Satwiwa or from Pacific Coast Highway.

Shop til you drop

Great shopping abounds at the Camarillo Premium Outlets, and plenty of other shopping opportunities in Oxnard and Thousand Oaks. 

Get to know your neighbors

Our county is full unique and charming towns like Ojai, Oxnard, Santa Paula, and Ventura. 

Stay Safe

When you’re a university student, you have plenty of concerns. Staying safe shouldn’t be one of them. At California State University Channel Islands (CI), we work hard to create a safe and secure campus so you can put your focus where it counts—on your studies.

On-Campus Police

The CI Police Department is housed on campus and works around the clock to keep the CI community safe. Throughout campus are emergency telephones, easily identified by bright blue lights on top of red poles. Pressing a red “call-for-help” button activates the phones, which are linked to the CI Police.

Emergency Information

In the event of an emergency, CI has a comprehensive Emergency Management (All Hazards) Plan in place. Students may enroll in CI Alert and receive email, voice and text messages regarding emergency situations. CI’s website and Emergency Information Hotline (805-437-3911) are also used to disseminate information. Our CI Emergency Response Guide (in PDF format) includes information about what to do in specific emergencies, such as earthquakes.

California State University Channel Islands (CI) puts student success first. It’s in our mission statement. It’s what we do—every day. So when you need help, we’re here for you—now and in the future.

Our Services

Career Development— from résumé clinics to help finding jobs and internships

Disability Resource Programs — support for students with physical, learning or psychological disabilities

Educational Opportunity — tools to help first generation, low-income students succeed at CI

New Student, Orientation & Transition — help for new students adjusting to life at CI

Personal Counseling — help for personal challenges to relationship issues

Promoting Achievement Through Hope (PATH) — support for applicants and students under foster care

Student Health — stay healthy while you study and obtain basic medical care

Student Support — from FAFSA workshops to tutoring and mentoring

Study Abroad & International Programs — opportunities to study abroad and support for international students

Veterans Affairs — to ensure student veterans reach their academic and career goals

Focused on being green

Sustainability is top-of-mind for students, faculty, staff and administrators at California State University Channel Islands (CI). It's so important that it’s one of CI's strategic goals. We even appointed a Sustainability Task Force that’s focused on:

Building design—we look at conservation first and recycling existing materials

Environmental education—we offer sustainability-focused courses and programs

Recycling awareness—we recycle about 50 percent of our waste, and sponsor events like Free Electronics Recycling Day

Strategic energy management—we focus on reducing solid waste and electric and water consumption, and measure our efforts through AASHE Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System™ (STARS) program (In fact, CI’s a charter participant.)

Transportation—we offer bicycle sharing and we were one of the first West Coast universities to partner with Zipcar, helping to take personally-owned vehicles off the road

Get involved

You can help our environment—and have fun—through:

Bicycle Kitchen—a bicycle co-op that encourages bike use, maintenance and safety

Green Generation Club—promotes sustainable stewardship of the Earth

Wetland Restoration projects—through some of our academic programs

California State University, Channel Islands on map :

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