Bookings are now available for IELTS Online!

It’s official, you can now take the world’s leading English language test at home or from a private location! You’ll just need to have stable internet, and ensure your setting meets the required technical specifications.

IELTS Online has the same format and duration as IELTS Academic, so it’s very similar from an IELTS test you would sit in a test centre. The main difference is the additional opportunity of choosing where you want to take the test!

The Speaking test is still face to face and is conducted online via video call with an IELTS examiner. The Listening, Reading and Writing sections run identically to the IELTS on computer test you would do in a test centre.

IELTS Online also employs the same IELTS multi-layered security processes in pre-test, test day and post-test operations as all other IELTS tests. Recognising Organisations (ROs) will use the same online verification system as the one used to verify in-centre results.

Results are available 3-6 days after taking IELTS Online. All tests are marked by trained IELTS examiners.

If you’re interested in booking an IELTS Online test, just head to the IDP website:

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