StudyQA — WYSTC conference in Lisbon

WYSTC conference on short-term educational programs took place in Portuguese capital Lisbon on 8-11 October. It is the largest conference in Europe. It brought together more than 550 professionals of various industries from all over the world in order to give them a chance to share valuable experience and find new partners. 

StudyQA internships team joined the WYSTC aiming to collaborate with new providers of internship programmes, volunteering and educational workshops in every part of the world. Our manager Irina held 34 meetings with various providers. 

WYSTC organizers invented networking events for participants, invited to botanical garden, food tour in Lisbon and walking tour to ancient town Belém. Due to informal meetings, we could establish trusting partnerships and look beyond scheduled business meetings.

As a result, we are about to add 50 programs in Australia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, USA to StudyQA internships database. What is more important, we are inspired with new ideas and trends in the industry.