StudyQA — ReNEWed database for Canada section

StudyQA — ReNEWed database for Canada section

Database update in the section "Canada"

Recently we've made a global database update: we added 7931 programs in the section "Canada". There are programs for every taste: 

​If you want to find the right program that will suit you perfectly, follow this link. Then, open the search options, select there specialty, duration, cost and extent of learning. When you choose your program, contact us and our team will help you to enter any university.

Why should you study in Canada? Firstly, Canada is one of the top countries with the best standard of living, due to the prosperous economy and to the high level of education. Canadians are considered to be the most educated nation in the world. Secondly, canadian universities are very loyal to foreign students, that's why many programs in universities are free and also universities do offer various scholarships. Prices for accommodation and learning are much lower than in other English-speaking countries: USA, Australia, UK. Thirdly, studying in Canada gives you the opportunity to learn not only English but also French because Canada has two official languages. But it goes without saying that the main plus – prestige and the quality of canadian education.