StudyQA — StudyQA meeting American Universities

StudyQA at the meeting with USA universities

A meeting with American company Shorelight Education was held on 16 May with the support of the US Trade Representation in Moscow. That company is working in the field of international education. During seminar, official representatives of 8 American private and public universities (that are also members of the partnership program Shorelight Education) held a speech about opportunities for higher education in America for Russian students. StudyQA team attended the event. Vladislav Popov personally talked to the representatives of the company Shorelight Education. The meeting was cognitive and opened a wide possibility for mutual collaboration.

There is no secret that nowadays American higher education seems to be the best in the world, as it is leading the world universities rankings and demonstrates advanced research technologies. Moreover, a lot of international students are attracted by the prospect of getting official employment right after their graduation, because US law allows it. At the current moment, the market of students in the US is the fastest growing in the world, while the number of Russian students is considerably lower than it could have been.

 Company Shorelight Education represents in Russia a number of American universities, including: Florida International University, the American University of Washington, University of Kansas, Louisiana State University, University of Central Florida, Adelphi University, Auburn University (Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple graduated from it) and the University of South Carolina, which is the second-best University in the world in the specialty "International business", according to the world ranking of universities. The main aim of Shorelight Education is to make the process of that universities entrance for international students easier. Thus with the help of Shorelight Education Service the applicant would be required only a copy of the certificate / diploma, of the passport and the test results of English language proficiency. In addition, the company will assist any student in receiving a scholarship, which can cover 50-80% of training costs.