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Consultation cost: $60 (4 390 RUB /25 600 KZT)

Experience verified, interview conducted

Consultation questions: Bachelor's program abroad, Master's program abroad, Exchange programs, Funding for studying abroad (scholarships, grants, discounts), International exams (IELTS, TOEFL, SAT/ACT, GMAT/GRE...), Summer schools, Internships, Life abroad, Choosing a country;

Consultation country (-es): Denmark, Spain, Italy, Norway, Lithuania, Portugal, Finland, Sweden;

Citizenship: Russian Federation;

Education: Russian Federation: Moscow State Institute of International Relations MFA Russia (MGIMO-University), 2017 - 2021, International Economics, Bachelor; Italy: Bocconi University, 2021 - 2023, Financial Management, Master;

Certificates: IELTS 7.5, GMAT 680;

The language spoken by the adviser: Russian, English, Spanish;

Consultation language: Russian, English;

The greatest achievement: Have become one of 15 MAECI Grant winners and been enrolled in the Master's program ranked TOP-5 in Europe by QS

Story about myself: Hi, my name is Vera and a certain time ago I was in your shoes, I bet. I dreamt of studying abroad for ages, but I was sure about neither the country nor the university I should apply to. Also, I had quite a blurred vision of the pitfalls that the application process is full of. Things changed last spring when I spent 1 000+ hours surfing the net for relevant information on educational opportunities for international students in Northern and Southern Europe. It was a great discovery that has shaped my today and future. Upon research on 15+ countries, I decided on Sweden, Switzerland, and Italy to send my documents to, and finally, I have been admitted to all business schools on my list. I wasn’t intended to collect a pile of offers, I just would like to prove that the tips and insights I had accumulated and followed were trustworthy and powerful. (Spoiler: they were). No university demanded that I paid the tuition fee. On the contrary, the admission offices granted me funding on merit-based criteria even though my achievements weren’t extraordinarily brilliant. You may think that it’s magic, fortunately, not quite. Just a product of determination and methodical approach in drafting CVs, LoM, and references. Now, I would take great pleasure to answer your queries and share some hints to improve your candidate experience and probably the outcome of the selection. See you)

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