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StudyQA, a smart search platform for programs, universities and scholarships around the world and one of the largest medias for studying abroad, launches a new project — a marketplace of independent consultants for foreign education!

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If you have experience of studying, internships or working abroad, you know all the details of preparing documents and applying for programs and scholarships to foreign universities, and at the same time want to share your experience and advice with others — we invite you to become one of the advisers on our platform!

Why our platform?

For more than 10 years we have managed to create the large community of people
who want to travel, learn, develop and use all the opportunities,
regardless of distances and borders!

FAQ for advisers

Our platform is a marketplace for independent advisers, where students who are considering opportunities to study abroad can receive consultation from a adviser with relevant experience in the country of their interest. After successfully completing the application process you register on our website and fill out your profile. Your profile then displays on the main page of advisers’ portal. The user can use filters to find a adviser that best suits him and then order a consultation. Firstly, clients choose a adviser, pay for a consultation and fill out a small questionnaire, where they indicate their questions.Then the client and the adviser contact to agree on a convenient time and date, as well as to choose a platform for consultation. After confirmation of the consultation by both parties in your personal account, the consultation is automatically transferred from the section “Upcoming consultations " to the section “Conducted consultations”. Requests for money withdrawal are created automatically.

You choose and specify in your profile which countries and questions you consult on. This can be both answers to the applicant's questions relevant to your experience about studying, admission process, working and living in the country, and more individual work, such as selecting the most suitable programs or drawing up an admission plan for a particular client.

One consultation lasts 1 hour.

The cost of the consultation will vary depending on your experience and background, as well as the complexity of the questions on which you will consult. At the introduction interview, we will offer you one of the three fixed prices that we have established by conducting a detailed analysis of prices throughout the market.
StudyQA acts as an intermediary between the adviser and the client and will receive a commission from the service provided. StudyQA charges a commission only for the first consultation. You can continue to work with the client outside of our platform at your own price rates.

We guarantee that your profile and your story will be seen by thousands of students from all over the world. How many of them decide to use your services depends only on you. Tell about yourself and your experience in a detailed and attractive way, post your best photo and customers will not be long in coming!

StudyQA is interested in the quality of the services provided on our website! The platform provides a five-point rating system, which is formed based on your clients’ reviews. Your rating will directly affect your attractiveness to customers, as well as your cooperation with StudyQA.

The information on our website will contain your first name (without last name), your photo and the information that you share with us. You can also make a small video that could attract more clients. We do not publish any of your documents on the website.

Start helping others and earn money at the same time!

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