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Biblical Studies

Biblical Studies

Biblical Studies is one of the sub-disciplines of theology and religious studies, which subject is the Bible and Christianity. Different branches of Christianity recognize differents parts, or “Scriptures” of Bible, Old Testament and New Testament.

Biblical studies are often taught as a full course at the departments of theology, religious studies, history, or literature. Biblical studies is a very connected with archaeology, ancient history, textual criticism, literary criticism, philology, and social science discipline.

Program structure

The program structure depends on whether the university you have chosen is religious or not. But usually the program consists of several study modules with emphasis on history and Biblical interpretation. Sometimes students are suggested to choose the modules. During the study period students work on the dissertation related to Biblical studies.

Future career

Biblical studies programs might be interesting for those who wish to start a career in various ministries within the Church, or with church-related organizations. They may also be interesting for Christians wishing to study the Bible.

Interesting programs in Biblical studies

Those who wish to apply for Biblical Studies programs, can find a lot of them on our website, for example, Biblical and Theological Studies (BA) in Canadian Mennonite University, or  Biblical Studies (MA) in Tyndale Seminary. Use our search to find the best program.