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Career options for Art Graduates

Career options for Art Graduates


One of the main advantages of a degree in Art and Art History is that it opens up many career opportunities for its graduates, and in order to find interesting, promising and highly paid job in the field of Art, it is not necessary to complete a Master's degree or PhD degree.

The most obvious career after completing a degree in Art is fine artist. Of course, this is an unreliable path and it does not suit everyone, but does not every Art student dream about it? Fine artists сan earn on selling their paintings or creating illustrations. Professional fine artists can be self-employed or combine their work with teaching practice.

Graduates holding a Bachelor degree in Art and Art History can also start a career as a designer in media, advertisement or other related area. In addition, graduates can design computer games, create concept art, characters and locations. Usually this profession requires a specialization in design. See further information about degrees in Design on our website.

Many animation studios offer jobs for graduates of art programs. Job offers are various - from the storyboarder to the 3D animator. Sometimes a job in animation area requires a specialization or Master’s degree in Animation Studies.

Graduates who want to start a research career in the field of art usually continue their studies and complete a Master’s and PhD degree. Besides applying for a higher degree in art, graduates can apply for a  study program in the design, animation and other related fields.

Bachelor's degree in Art and acquired skills also allow Art graduates to find work which is not related to art directly, for example, journalism, media, public relations, marketing or advertising.