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Why study Marketing?

1. Guaranteed perspective job

In the modern world, advertising is becoming more important. The face of the company is no longer a product itself, but a campaign to promote this product. Entrepreneurs spend a lot of money to keep themselves on the global market. Therefore, experts in advertising, promotion and Internet marketing are now in extremely high demand. In addition, marketing is a highly-paid area - in the USA, marketing managers earn  an average of $62,650 per year.

 2.  Joint degrees

If you are interested in other study fields except Marketing, you can always choose a joint degree and combine your Marketing studies with some other area, for example, Economics, which  will give you enough knowledge background to start your own start-up.

3. A variety of internships

Marketing degrees are usually very innovative; besides standard lectures and seminars they include workshops, intensives and internships in different companies. Some universities encourage students to spend a year abroad studying or working. It will help students to receive an important work experience.

4. An opportunity to start a career in other areas

Graduates holding a degree in Marketing can find themselves in many other career fields, since their qualification and received skills can help them to find a job in retail area, in public relations area or in business and entrepreneurship.

5. A lot of transferable skills

Besides specific knowledge and skills, which can be applied only to marketing area, graduates of degrees in Marketing also receive a lot of skills which can be applied to any other job area, for example, great communication skills (both written and oral), research and presentation skills,  teamwork and creative thinking.