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Why study Religion?

Why study Religion?

There is a strong stereotype in society that religious studies are an education for adherents of a religion. This is not quite true. Of course, a large percentage of graduates of religious programs are believers, but, nevertheless, religious studies is education for everybody.

Why is it useful to study religious studies? Firstly, regardless of your religion, any existing religion is a huge reservoir of wisdom and philosophy, and studying religion positively influences your worldview, provides answers to many questions, such as the meaning of life, life after death, the meaning of human suffering and disease.

In addition, Religious Studies allows us to understand the structure of human society and human consciousness. It is difficult to deny the enormous influence of the religion on the world culture, so the study of religion will also be useful to those people who plan to study culturology and art sciences.

Like any Humanities discipline, religious studies teaches us expressing our thoughts clearly both in writing and orally, working with complex texts, analyzing information and finding cause-and-effect relationships. So, Religious Studies are an excellent base for any profession connected with writing and information.

Besides, Religious Studies graduates can find a job in a variety of religious institutions.