8 things you should know before moving to Canada

8 things you should know before moving to Canada

Before you realize to make some enormous changes like a big move to Canada, , it’s vital to know that this is the other country and the way of life there is absolutely different. That article will help you to integrate into life of Canadians. It is also crucial to have expectations while moving somewhere, particularly Canada,  as it will increase your abilities to become successful. But some of the facts about this large and pretty nice frozen country are not for surviving issues, they might just surprise you. You’d better take this article as a funny one in order to entertain yourself.

  • America is not the second largest country in the world. It’s Canada! 

It goes without saying, that the largest country in the world is Russia. Thus, the second place is given to Canada. In addition, it is the 8th least dense country in the world. Immigration is vital for Canada economics, because without it the population of Canada will decrease. 

  • The meaning of Canada is…village! Big village, hah 

Once, there was a native tribe, that lived in Quebec approximately in the 16th century. The Iroquois word “Kanata” – tribe or settlement- has transformed into “Canada”.  
It can be traced to the time, when a traveler Jacques Cartier arrived in 1535 to Quebec. He has spoken to two native adolescents and they told him about the route to Kanata. They meant that it was a nearby village of Stadacona, but for it seemed that Cartier they were referring to the entire area. 

  • 20% of the world’s freshwater is in Canada 

As you drive through the Canadian landscape you will see enormous amount of lakes, and it’s a rock fact, that there is no place in the entire world, where would be more lakes than in our big village. It’s important to save water here because if it’s spoiled. You know. We can’t lose 20% of freshwater. 

  • Capital issue

Most of people think that Toronto is the capital of Canada. But that’s not true! Ottawa is the capital of Canada.

  • Be polite, please! 

A very important in Canadian’s culture point is to be polite. You are to obey rules of etiquette. Saying “please” and “thank you” is a vital necessity and Canadian communication is often sugar coated and indirect rather than straightforward and harsh. Americans do not understand that and laugh. 

  • You are expected to leave tips 

Everyone tips in bars, taxies, restaurants, so should you. The typical amount is 15%,although sometimes more is given for great service. It does not matter: are you an engineer, a teacher or a billionaire. You must pay always, only if the service was REALLY poor you can skip that advice. 

  • No smoking in public 

Notice how fresh the air is here? In Canada it is illegal to smoke in public places, including offices, stores, restaurants, hospitals and other places of employment. You also cannot smoke in any shared area. The only legal place for smoking is your apartment or vehicle. 

  • Weather 

Keen to emigrate but can’t choose between sun or snow? Why not have both? 
Unless you’re living on the BC coast (or to a lesser extent, parts of Southern Ontario), you are almost certain to experience cold, snowy winters and hot summers, with short transitional seasons.

Julia Linnik



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