Universities in the Netherlands

First universities in the Netherlands were created in the 16th century and now this country has one of the most most famous and respected system of education in Europe. 13 universities in the Netherlands are ranked among top-350 in the world according to QS University ranking, and 8 among them are in top-150. Many the universities have study programs in English: most of them are on the Master level, but some universities also have English-taught bachelor programs.

The most famous and the largest (more than 30,000 students) university in the Netherlands is Amsterdam University. It was established in 1632 and now it occupies 57th place in the QS World University Ranking, as well as as 15th place in Europe. It has especially famous programs in Communication (6th place in the world), Geography and Psychology.

Delft University of Technology is the oldest and the largest public technical university in the country, which is ranked 62th in the world. It focuses on technical and engineering disciplines. For example, it is currently ranked in the top-5 in the world in architecture. Leiden university is the oldest one in the Netherlands, it was created in 1575. It has 16 Nobel laureates among its alumni.

Many other universities are situated in the country's capital, Amsterdam, as well as in many other cities. 14 research universities and 8 medical centers are focused on research-oriented education and offer 3-years Bachelor programs and 1 or 2 years Master programs both in English and in Dutch. These universities are usually ranked among the top in the country and in Europe. Universities of applied sciences are more numerous and offer programs with practical orientation. International students may choose among both types of the universities, but should now that research universities usually have more generous scholarships and are more famous.

Many universities (both research ones and universities of applied sciences) have an compulsory internship as a part of their programs on Bachelor or Master level. It is especially useful for international students because in helps to find a job in the country in the future.




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