Aerospace Engineering or Marine Engineering

Aerospace Engineering and Marine Engineering are two massive fields, and both of them are developing really quickly. So which one provides more opportunities for recent graduates? And which one to choose if you don’t have any special interests in any of these areas?

First of all, Aerospace Engineering is nothing about Astronomy and Marine Engineering is nothing about Oceanology, so if you are more interested in these  Natural Sciences than in Engineering, you should probably apply directly for study programs in these disciplines. Both Marine and Aerospace Engineering is dedicated to Mechanics and Dynamics of planes or ships, so if will not be interesting for those who wish to undertake courses in Marine Science, Astrobiology or other.

Actually, both of Marine and Aerospace Engineers are in high demand - but they have to be an extremely good specialists in their area, since employment in both of these areas is highly competitive. So now the question is - which area is more difficult to learn? Students say that Marine Engineering is slightly easier that Aerospace Engineering, but, as you can understand, it depends on a lot of factors - the curriculum, practical lessons, even the country which you have chosen for education, so there is no point in thinking about which discipline is easier, you need to think about what you like more.

Moreover, Marine Engineers sometimes have to spend months in ocean, which can either be an advantage or disadvantage - it is up to you.

But if you still can’t decide in which area you are interested the most, we recommend you to apply for a Mechanical Engineering study program. It will give you enough time to make a decision and will also develop a variety of technical skills which will be useful both in Aerospace Engineering or Marine Engineering.