Ancient History

Ancient history

Ancient history is one of the branches of history which studies events which happened between the very first discovered evidence of human history (which is  Sumerian Cuneiform script from 30th century BC) and the beginning of Early Middle Ages (It is usually believed that antiquity ended after the fall of the Roman Empire).

Usually ancient history is divided into the study of the history of several regions - Europe (Greece and Rome), Egypt and other Africa, India, and China. In the classical Western paradigm, the greatest attention is paid to the study of Greek and Roman antiquity, so-called classical antiquity. The first Olympic games in Greece are considered to be the beginning of classical antiquity.

The study of ancient history is closely connected with philosophy, since the dawn of philosophy, as well as the birth of other sciences, happened precisely during the period of classical antiquity in ancient Greece.

Study programs in Ancient History often include archaeology fieldwork. Students also get to learn dead languages  - Latin or Ancient Greek language.

Study programs

If you wish to study ancient history in foreign university, you can choose an undergraduate History degree and choose the ancient specialization after one year of study, and then apply for a specialized Master’s degree in Ancient History, for example,  MA Ancient History in Cardiff University, UK, or MA Ancient History in University of London, UK. You can also choose one of the Bachelor degree directly in Ancient History, for example, BA Ancient History in University of Geneva, Switzerland, or  Ancient History in Dartmouth College, USA. More programs in Ancient History can always be found on our website.





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