Animal Volunteering

If you love animals and wish to connect your life with animal care, then, besides the education in the relevant field (animal science, veterinary medicine or zoology), you will need work experience. One of the best options of work experience and communication with animals is animal volunteering.

Who will find Animal Volunteering useful?

  • Those who have completed a degree in Animal Science, Animal Biology or Veterinary Science (or are still studying) can receive needed work experience to find a more advanced job placement.
  • Those who wish to apply for one of these disciplines - a volunteering experience will be a huge advantage for admission;
  • Those who wish to start a career in animal care area without completing an academic degree;
  • Those who love animals and wish to obtain some useful (for them and for the world) experience.

Which Animal Volunteering programs rock?

It depends on what you want to find. If you wish to help animals and receive experience in relationships with them you can ask for a volunteering placement in your local dog or cat shelter. But Animal Volunteering is mostly understood as a branch of eco-tourism - participants travel in another city or country to live and the farm, shelter or recovering centre, and work with animals - feed them, provide first-aid help, contact with foundations, сonduct excursions and much more.

Note that many volunteering programs are paid - you will need to pay a certain amount to secure your accommodation and food. Other part of cost will cover special need of volunteering centre.

Where to find Animal Volunteering programs?

Usually all global volunteering programs have their own website, so you can just Google for volunteering in needed country. Some volunteering programs, for example, working with horses in American ranchos, can be found on our website.

Pay a lot of attention to reviews of participants and living conditions, and you will easily find an experience of your life.