Some institutions teach Archaeology as a part of Anthropology Studies. Archaeology studies material culture by recovering and classifying it. Archaeology is deeply connected with History and sometimes is taught as a part of History program, as well as History students usually have an Archaeology fieldwork during their practice.

Archaeology is the most practical discipline in Anthropology Studies. The undergraduate study program usually lasts from three to four years, during the education period students enroll into several practices in different locations. The theoretical part of the study program in Archaeology usually includes Cultural Anthropology courses, History and studying different field methods.

Students completing undergraduate degree in Archaeology usually continue their education and start research and fieldwork activity.

Study programs

On our website you can find a variety of undergraduate and graduate study programs in Archaeology Studies, for example,  BA Archaeology in Yale University, USA,   MA Celtic Archaeology, Bangor University, UK,  MA Mediterranean Archaeology: from Prehistory to Late Antiquity, University of Cyprus, Cyprus. Some History programs also have an Archaeology specializations. Some more programs you can find using our Search.




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