Art History degree

The history of art is one of the branches of the study of art, devoted to the study of the history of art from ancient times to the present. The history of art is a theoretical, research discipline, that is the reason that a large percentage of graduates decide to continue their studies and obtain a PhD degree in this field.

Art History Skills

The basic skills that Art History students acquire during education period include: ability to understand and feel art, problem solving skills, communication skills and teamwork, as well as ability to analyze various information.

Career options for Art History Graduates

Graduates holding a Bachelor degree in Art History can find a job in various fields related to art, for example, they can become curators or art administrators in art galleries, museums and auction houses. Many graduates of programs in the history of art decide to continue their studies in order to start research and teaching activities after completing a PhD degree.

Graduates can also change their study field and apply for a study program in Art, Design or other related areas.

Study programs

Some study programs in Art History can be found on our website, for example, BA Art History and Studio Arts in American University of Beirut, Lebanon, BA History and Theory of Art in University of Ottawa, Canada, or PhD in History and Theory of Art in Massachussetts Institute of Technology.




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