How to become an astronaut?

Astronaut is a very difficult profession, which requires years of practice and education.

First of all, those who wish to become astronauts need to receive specific education - usually it is a degree in Engineering, especially Aerospace Engineering. However, not only engineers are needed in cosmos. Graduates with PhD in Physics, Applied Mathematics, Biology, Psychology, IT and many other disciplines can become part of the crew of a spaceship, but physical requirements for them are the same. NASA hires people with at least a Bachelor degree in biology, engineering. physics or mathematics, but most of the astronauts still hold a Master or a PhD degree.

Future astronauts should also have at least three years of work experience. A relevant Master's degree counts as one year of work experience, and a PhD degree - as three years.

Physical requirements for future astronauts are very strict - ideal vision and the vestibular apparatus are mandatory conditions. All astronauts perform excellent sports training, so the desire to become an astronaut is an excellent occasion to finally go in for sports. By the way, no tattoos!

Knowledge of English language is mandatory if you are applying for a space agency in a country outside Russia; in Russian space agencies a Russian proficiency will be enough.

If you meet all these requirements, you can apply for a job placement of the official website of NASA or any other space agency you prefer and prepare to wait. If your candidature is successful, you will be invited for a two-year training, and after completing this training and special courses you can finally go to space.