The application process for Music Studies always includes the audition. From this topic you will learn the basic audition requirements for undergraduate and graduate applicants.

Of course, audition requirements always depend on the university and chosen program, but the basic scheme is similar for all universities and schools.


Audition can be conducted in two formats: in-person audition or online audition. Most universities let applicants choose the most appropriate format. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. In-person audition will not be affected by bad video or audio quality, but online audition is faster and easier, in addition, you will not have to spend money on a return ticket in case of your failure. That is why most universities, such as the University of New Orlean, strongly recommend to choose online audition.


How to: in-person audition


  1. Find out the time and place of in-person audition and contact organizers for further information;

  2. Find out the requirements for audition program;

  3. Register for the audition;

  4. Arrive early, do not forget your sheet music and all required materials.


How to: online audition


  1. Prepare the audition video; it should be qualitative without any extraneous sounds;

  2. Submit it via email or online before the deadline.


What to play?


Usually applicants are allowed to choose the program by themselves. Applicants should present those musical selections that are best representative of their work. The total amount of time for audition is usually five minutes, and applicants are expected to play or sing two musical selections.

Sometimes singers are required to find an accompanist for their audition. Universities always provide accompanists for auditions from the faculty stuff, but you need to rehearse the whole program with him before the actual audition.




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