Bachelor degree in Sociology

Bachelor degree in Sociology is a very popular option for those who wish to start their education in the field of Social Sciences. Firstly, it is rather basic - they include core courses in such disciplines as Psychology, Anthropology and Behavior Science, students also learn how to use statistics and make research projects. Secondly, a degree in Sociology can be easily combined with education in other disciplines - for example, Criminology, Law, Statistics. Thirdly, graduates holding a degree in Sociology can continue their education in any Social Sciences discipline. That is why a Bachelor degree in Sociology is popular not only amongst people wishing to start academic career in Sociology, but also those who wish to receive a strong Social Sciences  degree.

Undergraduate study program in Sociology usually lasts from three to four (more likely) years. Graduates receive either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Sciences degree, it depends of the emphasis of the curricula of the study program. The first years are usually dedicated to basic core courses in Sociology and other Social Sciences, next years are usually more specific, and last years is mostly dedicated to research activities, since students need to submit a final dissertation at the end of their education.

Some Bachelor study programs in Sociology can be found by using our website, for example,  BA Sociology in Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, USA, BA Sociology in Dartmouth College, USA, or BA Sociology and Criminology in University of Portsmouth, UK. You can find more available study programs in Sociology by using the Search button.