Bachelor degree in Information Sciences

Program structure

A usual Bachelor study program in Information Science lasts from three to four years. The curriculum consists of lectures, seminars and practical lessons. First years of education are dedicated to the basic courses in Information Science - Mathematics and Statistics, Statistical Reasoning and Practice, Computer Science. During the second or third year students can choose their specialization and select elective courses related to it. Students should submit the design or research project which they have prepared during the education in order to complete a degree.

An undergraduate degree in a field of Information Science allows graduates to continue education in many other areas - Information Systems Management, Human Computer Interaction, Information Security Policy and Management, Engineering Technology and Innovation Management, and Business Administration.

Online degrees

Information science is one of the academic areas which can be taught online without any omissions. Such education is excellent for people who already have an associate degree, or for people who already work in this area and want to advance their knowledge. These study programs usually last four years, just like usual study programs in Information Science. The courses can be held on weekdays, just like normal education, or at weekends and evenings. The only disadvantage of an online degree is its price. Online education can be slightly cheaper than usual, but there are not any scholarships for students studying online. However, students can find a foundation which can help them with funding, or ask their employer to cover the tuition.

Career options

Most of the graduates with a Bachelor degree in Information Science find a job after their graduation (or even during the education period). The list of possible areas where specialists in Information Science are in demand includes education, finance, government, health care, military and many other.