Biological Anthropology

Biological anthropology

Biological anthropology (sometimes called Physical Anthropology) is one of the main branches of Anthropology Studies, which subject is the evolution of human beings, differences between races and nationalities. Biological Anthropology is deeply connected with Biology and Medicine.

Some branches of Biological Anthropology study evolution of non-human beings, for example, primates (primatology). Paleontology, which is also one of the subdisciplines of Biological Anthropology, studies extinct species of animals and their affect to modern species. Human behaviour ecology studies behavioral adaptations of humanity throughout the evolution process.

Study programs in Biological Anthropology usually include theoretical part and research module. Some programs also include practicums and internships. An undergraduate study program in Biological Anthropology usually lasts four years, some universities provide  three-year undergraduate study programs.

Study programs

On our website you can find several study programs in Biological Anthropology. If you are interested in Biological Anthropology, you might like the following  programs:  MA Biological Anthropology in the Bournemouth University, UK,  MA Medical Anthropology in Brunel University Uxbridge, UK,  MA Biological Anthropology in Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain, or  BS Medical Anthropology in University of Kent at Canterbury, UK. You can also choose a wider study program in Anthropology and start a specialization in Biological Anthropology. Use our search if you want to find more programs.





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