The British Universities Received 3% more students than last year

3% more students chose to study in the UK this year

According to official sources, the number of students who will study at universities in the UK has reached record numbers - 442,900, which is 3% higher than the previous year.

According to UCAS (reception service to universities and colleges), about 19 000 of them have received confirmation of enrollment in universities and colleges after midnight since the initiation of the A-level program. Nowadays in the selection participated more than 14 000 people, which is 52% more than last year.

The head of the Association of Colleges Martin Dowell urged applicants to consider carefully their choices and focus on what suits them best.

Reducing the number of 18-year-olds and the lifting of restrictions on university places in England have increased the number of those wishing to study at universities.

UCAS said that the selection process (a system that compares vacant space to aspiring undergraduates) ended two hours earlier than usual, and all the seats were occupied.

"Littered with calls"

Representatives of Bristol's Universities curled that all vacancies are filled very quickly, especially noting that the new competitive environment allows you to organize the selection so that it would be impossible to do a few years ago.

University of Birmingham, who filled all their seats as early as Thursday, said he was "swamped" with calls from more than 6000 applicants for the small number of available seats.

UCAS responds that most of the applicants will be credited as a result of the selection after the weekend, and by the end of Monday, most of the applicants who have chosen the path of enrollment, will get a place.

Nowadays nearly 153,000 of applicants still have a opportunity to participate in the selection - responds UCAS.

The head of the Association of Colleges drew attention to the fact that everyone who is pretending to get a good education should also be borne in mind, there are more options available for education and training, which will also lead to a successful career : technical and professional training and internship UK colleges have the highest level. In addition, below not only the cost of college, but also transportation.




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