Career Options for Anthropology Graduates

Career options for Anthropology graduates.

Anthropology is a very wide study field, and the possible career options for its graduates mostly depend on the chosen specialization. Graduates can choose either scientific or nonscientific career paths after completing a degree.

Those who wish to start a research career in private or government institutions, need to complete a PhD degree in Anthropology. Graduates can also find themselves in social research field and investigate human preferences and behavior in the field of advertising, media. The following institutions might be interested in employing Anthropology graduates: market research organizations, charity and nonprofit institutions, academic research and government departments.

Anthropology graduates can also start a career in politics in the field of policy development. They can work in campaign groups or in PR sector.

One of the common field for Anthropology graduates is social work and education. Graduates can start  a teaching career in various education institutions: schools, universities, training centers. This career path always requires a high level degree, for example, PhD.

Skills received during the education period allow Anthropology graduates work in any field connected with communications. For example, Anthropology graduates are on high demand in the media and communications sectors, they can work as writers and editors, journalists, or as audience researchers.

Those who completed a degree in Cultural Anthropology or related fields can enroll into art and culture sector and work in museums and galleries.




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