Career options for Architecture graduates

Civil Engineering, Architecture and Construction is a very applied and diverse discipline, so it is obvious that most of Architecture graduates begin their career in the area related to their chosen specialization.

Usually Architecture graduates find a job of architect or interior designer after completing an undergraduate degree (which can last from three to five years). Some of graduates holding an undergraduate degree in Architecture decide to continue their education and complete a Master’s and PhD degree in order to receive more experience before applying for a more advanced job, to give more time to the chosen specialization  or to start research or teaching career in Architecture. Some of Architecture graduates decide to receive a more advanced education in related areas - Engineering, Computer Science or Design.

Developed skills

The list of needed skills, which Architecture students receive during their education, include working with specific design computer programs and IT skills, strongest design and drawing skills (which also give graduates an opportunity to start a career in design area, for example, in digital design), project management, communication skills, teamwork, ability to work under stressful conditions and many other. As you can see, most of these skills are transferrable and needed in many areas, so, besides becoming an architect, graduates can start their career in media or TV as city planning experts, restore historical buildings or inspect new buildings - it all depends on your own desires!