Career options for Biomedicine graduate

Biomedicine, which is a branch of Medicine, is a very theoretical and research-based discipline. Most students studying Biomedicine have chosen this area because they wish to start a career in science in future. That is why many graduates holding a Bachelor degree in Biomedicine decide not to find a job but to continue their education and complete higher level degrees - Master’s and PhD in order to start their research projects. Therefore, the career of Biomedicine scientist is the most obvious option for those who wish to study Biomedicine or who already studies it. But of course graduates holding such strong and diverse degree can apply for a job in other from scientific areas.

Some percent of Biomedicine graduates start career in teaching. This job placement requires a higher level education too. In most universities professors combine research activity with teaching.

Many graduates holding a degree in Biomedicine start a career in the field of science media. This is logical, because Biomedicine is an area that provides the most complete (since theoretical) knowledge of the human body and medicine. In addition, students studying biomedicine are more engaged in research than any other medical students, so they are on the same page with researchers in Medicine. And research works and dissertations, written during the Biomedicine study programs, develop the scientific vocabulary necessary for career in scientific media.

Many pharmacy organizations welcome Biomedicine graduates. Of course, for some career options graduates will need to complete additional courses or pass an internship, which will give them additional experience in the Medicine field. A career path of Medical sales representative is usually common for Biomedicine graduates.