Career Options for Chemical Engineering graduates

A degree in Chemical Engineering opens opportunities in a variety of research and professional fields, including environmental, gastronomic, military, medical and many others.

Usually Chemical Engineering graduates find a job as chemical engineers. Chemical engineers design and develop material goods from raw materials. Main duties of chemical engineers include development of existing production plants, controlling the technology process, developing old technologies and designing new ones, controlling the affect of production to environment, etc.

Graduates can also find a job in other areas of engineering, such as nuclear engineering or energy engineering, but job in different engineering areas often requires specific non-transferrable skills.

Some Chemical Engineering graduates find a job in research area and work as analytical chemists.

Most Chemical Engineering graduates finish their education and employ after completing a BEng or MEng degree, but postgraduate degrees in Chemical Engineering are common too. After completing a PhD in Chemical Engineering, graduates can find more advanced and well-paid job in this area, or start research or teaching activity. BEng and MEng graduates can also choose a relevant study field, such as Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering, or many others, and complete a PhD degree in this field.

Sometimes employers require relevant work experience, which can be received during the study period with traineeships and internships, or graduates can find an internship in a company be would like to work for and stay as a paid specialist after the internship.



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