Career Options for Chemistry Bachelors

Career Options for Chemistry Bachelors

Developed skills

An education in Chemistry area provides a wide range of useful skills, for example, teamwork, research skills, problem-solving, hypothesize creating, experimenting, written and oral communications skills, IT and technology, critical thinking and analysis. These skills will be mostly useful in research area.

Career options

Graduates holding a Bachelor degree in Chemistry can find a job in a variety of organizations, including government institutions and research centers. Graduates can find a job in Chemistry area and work as a researcher in a team of scientists. The most popular job for a Chemistry graduate is Lab Technician, which can also be considered as a first step to a successful Chemistry career (instead of continuing education) and a development of your skills which you received with a Bachelor degree. Graduates can also become a nurse in a variety of healthcare organizations.

Most graduates continue their education in Chemistry area and after gaining a Ph.D. degree they gain access to a greater variety of career paths.
Graduates holding a Bachelor degree in Chemistry can also continue education in the following areas: chemical engineering, agriculture, some subdisciplines of biology, biotechnology and physics, forensic science.



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