Career options for Ecology graduates

Governmental ministries and agencies usually welcome graduates with a degree in Ecology, where they can start a career of nature conservation manager or officer. Non-governmental organisations, such as WWF or Greenpeace provide job placements for Ecology graduates too. One of the core advantages of non-governmental and non-profit environmental and ecological organizations is that they usually welcome volunteers and interns, which is a great opportunity to receive work experience.

One of the most interesting job opportunities available for Ecology graduates is park naturalist. They work in national parks, create tourist routes and organize exhibitions.

Restoration ecologist is also one of career options for people holding a degree in Ecology or other relevant area. They work on the derelict and broken ecosystem and recover them. This job placement can be offered by governmental organizations, private organizations, consulting companies.

Academic career is also a common option for Ecology graduates. They can apply for a job of museum curator or be engaged in research activities in an university. Usually these career paths require at least a Master (but usually a PhD) degree in relevant field. Graduates holding a PhD degree in Ecology can also start teaching practice in a higher education institution.

Most of these career paths are available for Bachelor graduates, but many students complete a higher degree in order to apply for more advanced job placements.

An undergraduate degree in Ecology is also a great start for those who wish to connect their lives with Environmental or Earth Sciences, since Ecology students receive strong knowledge background and a package of skills to apply for a higher degree in Earth or Environmental Sciences.