Career options for Engineering & Business graduates

One of the advantages of a degree in Engineering and Business is a more diverse range of career options - it includes either various careers in engineering area, as well as business and entrepreneurship. Here are some of them.

Engineering managements in a popular career path for graduates with a degree in Engineering & Business - either Bachelor or Master. Management positions in enterprises are usually the goal of graduates holding a degree in Engineering and Business. Of course, advanced positions are not usually available for Bachelor graduates without work experience, so they will to hold assistant positions for several years, but this work entails career growth and constantly increasing wages, as well as career opportunities in any country of the world, especially with advanced engineering (especially if graduates received an internationally accredited degree).

Some graduates holding a degree in Engineering and Business choose Engineering Management consultancy are their career path. They develop a production strategy, make it more economical and profitable, work on the development of the final product and with the staff. They can either work for one organization or be employed in a company providing consulting service.

Human resource management may also be a great career option for Business and Engineering graduates, wince they receive all needed skills for interacting with stuff and organization of their work.

Many engineering career paths are available for Business and Engineering graduates.

Research and academic activity is also a common path for Engineering and Business specialists. They can work for educational institutions, governmental organizations, research laboratories or private research laboratories of enterprises.  This career path requires a PhD degree in Engineering and Business.