Career options for Environmental Chemistry graduates

Education in the field of Environmental Chemistry is mostly research-focused, which means that these study programs prepare scholars. Graduates holding a Master of Science degree in the field of Environmental Chemistry usually continue their education, receive a PhD degree and start postdoctoral research practice in their university or establish independent research. But of course, academic career is not the only career path for Environmental Chemistry graduates.

One of the list of possible career fields for Environmental Chemistry graduates is Agriculture and Forestry area. Knowledge background in the area of toxicology and chemistry will allow Environmental Chemistry graduates to work as experts and consultants on pesticides, as well as manage their production and develop less environmentally harmful compounds.

Many Pharmacy corporations would also welcome graduates holding a degree in Environmental Chemistry. For many career paths in Pharmacy relevant work experience or specific knowledge background is required, so it would be better if you start your career with internships. The most common job option for Environmental Chemistry graduates is developing antidotes for poisons.

Food production is also a common career area for Environmental Chemistry  graduates. Graduates can work as quality controllers on food production, or be engaged in the process.

Governmental organizations, for example, laboratories monitoring the quality of drinking water in cities, are also common employers of Environmental Chemistry graduates.

Finally, graduates holding a PhD degree in Environmental Chemistry can start teaching career in higher education institutions - and these are only several career options for Environmental Chemistry graduates from a wide range of possible.