Career options for Environmental Biotechnology graduates

Environmental Biotechnology is a rather applied and specific discipline, which means that the majority of graduates start their career in this area. So most of Environmental Biotechnology graduates work as scientists in one or another branch of Environmental Sciences.

Fuel production is one of the most important branches of Environmental Biotechnology, in which a lot of researchers and technicians are involved. They are manufacturing and testing new types of waste-free fuels that do not harm the planet. Many scientists in this area are also looking for ways to neutralize anthropomorphic disasters and pollution with the help of living beings (mainly bacteria).

But, of course, Environmental Biotechnology graduates are welcome in many other areas. For example, Commercial Agriculture is also one of the possible career fields for Environmental Biotechnology graduates. They can be involved in the production of pesticides and fertilizers, and engage in counseling. Environmental technicians can also work with particular farms.

One of non-obvious career paths for Environmental Biotechnology graduates is crime lab technician. This profession requires excellent knowledge in the field of biology and chemistry. Crime lab technicians help the investigation by finding out the DNA of a criminal by drop of blood or hair.

A lot of graduates in Environmental Biotechnology find a job right after receiving a Bachelor degree, but some of them continue their education and complete a PhD degree in order to start research activity in research or educational institution, or become an independent scholar. They can also receive a higher level degree in other related disciplines, such as Biotechnology, Environmental Chemistry, etc.