Career options for Environmental Economics graduates

Graduates holding a degree in the field of Environmental Economics have a wide choice of career opportunities.

Environmental consulting is one of the possible career field for Environmental Economics graduates. Many manufacturing organizations often hire environmental consultants to make production less harmful to the environment. Environmental consultants can also be self-employed and consult several firms at the same time, but it requires work experience. Many organizations welcome students to complete an internship or even offer a part-time job placement, and then offer a full-time job after completing a degree.

Some Environmental Economics graduates find a job placement in government ministries performing environmental planning.

Environmental research institutions welcome Environmental Economics graduates for technical and research job positions.

Many graduates holding a degree in Environmental Economics start a career in a field of Agricultural Economics. It is a part of Economics which applies economic theory to the production of food and other agricultural goods. A job of Agricultural Economist requires a strong knowledge background in Economics & Environmental Economics, Development Economics and Econometrics - it can be received with a help of a degree in relevant area and maybe an internship or volunteering.

Most job positions are available for graduates holding a Bachelor degree in Environmental Economics or related fields, but many graduates choose to complete a higher level degree and apply for more advanced job positions. For example, teaching in higher education institutions is a common career path for Environmental Economics graduates, which always requires a PhD degree in related area.