Career options for Environmental Systems Analysis graduates

Environmental Systems Analysis is a rather new academic discipline which is, however, can prepare specialists in a variety of areas. Here are some of them.

Scientific area is the most obvious career prospect for graduates with a degree in Environmental Systems Analysis. They are welcome in any Research Institutes which are working with environmental and ecology issues, including various higher education institutions. Usually a career in research and education area requires at least a Master's degree in Environmental Systems Analysis.

Many graduates with a degree in Environmental Systems Analysis work in public sector. They design and develop projects related to environmental systems and human impacts and implement these projects through the local or federal government.

Graduates can also work as project managers in companies related to environmental projects, or at enterprises which design and develop environmentally friendly products and services. Consulting is also a rather popular career path for graduates in Environmental Systems Analysis.

Many of these career options require a relevant work experience. Therefore, usually study programs in Environmental Systems Analysis include mandatory internships in large governmental or non-governmental companies. Graduates can also find an internship after the graduation or start with an entry-level career option in the company they like. A higher degree is probably the easiest way to advance the list of career opportunities, so many graduates continue their education. Besides education in Environmental Systems Analysis, graduates with a Bachelor degree in this area can continue their education in such disciplines as Environmental Engineering, Bioscience, Industrial Ecology or Sustainable Development.