Career opportinities for Ethnic Studies graduates

Ethnic Studies is a rather research-based education, so it is supposed that graduates holding a Bachelor (or equivalent) degree in Ethnic Studies will continue their education and receive a Master and PhD degree in this or relevant area and then begin their academic career. However, it is not the only option for those who have completed their education in a field of Ethnic Studies. Here you can find some other career paths for Ethnic Studies graduates.

Science Journalism

Graduates completed a degree in Ethnic Studies receive strong written and oral communication skills, as well as presentation skills, which give them an opportunity to start a career in the media and journalism area. You can eight try to apply for a magazine or online-media specializing on People of Color issues, or apply for a ordinary media as an expert in Ethnic Studies.

Non-profit organizations

Many Bachelor graduates holding a degree in Ethnic Studies work for non-profit organization in healthcare area or for refugees shelters or legacy organizations. Some career options in Social Work area are opened for Ethnic Studies graduates too.

You can also work as organizer of public lectures and other events related to issues of People of Color or dealing with the questions of ethnicity and race.

Law career

Since Ethnic Studies is a very related to human right discipline, its graduates can start a career in law, but usually they need either a joint degree with a major/minor in Law, or additional courses in Law.

Education area

Ethnic Studies graduates also work as high school teachers or professors in higher education institutions. This career path required advanced education and/or licence for teachers.

Graduates can also apply for Master study programs in related areas, such as Anthropology or Gender Studies.