Career options for Fashion Studies graduates

Many people do not actually understand, how many people are standing behind the fashion sector. Fashion is not only about catwalks and shows - it is a difficult process,which involves dozens of different professions besides models and fashion designers.

Besides it, a fashion designer will always be the most important profession in fashion sector. The job of fashion designer is creating new clothes and accessories collection. Usually they work in specific areas - for example, children’s clothes, or sports wear. Of course/ it is very difficult to find a job of fashion designer without relevant work experience, that is why many graduates start their career with a job of fashion designer assistant and work in a team to receive enough skills.

Textiles designer is also one of the most important role in this area. They lead the production of textiles. Textile design is subdivided in two main areas - interior design and clothing. In the field of interior design, textile designers are working on the creation of furniture, carpets and curtains.

Textile designers working in clothes sector develop waterproof or fireproof fabric, or work only in fashion area as a part of design team.

Graduates with a degree in Fashion studies can also start a career as retail buyers. They are people who buy clothes from manufacturer and sell it in the retail stores. They plan the assortment of the store, focusing on the tastes and interests of customers, engage in communication with manufacturers, including supplies and logistics, work with budget planning.

Graduates can also try themselves in any profession related to fashion sector - for example, fashion journalism or fashion photography. Sometimes application for these vacancies require specific skills, but they can be received during the education period - by internships, for example.