Career options for Journalism and Mass Communications Graduates

Of course, the most logical career path after receiving a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications is becoming a journalist. There are a lot of specializations in this area so you would better think about the area you wish to work for during your education and begin to collect your portfolio. The point is that your degree in journalism for is secondary  the employer - what is much more important is your work portfolio and developed skills. That is why Journalism students start to collect their work portfolio from the first years of their education.

Besides Journalism career, your skills allow you to start a career in any areas where written and oral communication skills are needed. For example, you can become a copywriter or editor for publishing houses (by the way, quite a few vacancies in the field of publishing are open to Journalism  graduates).

Many journalism graduates start a career path as SMM or SEO specialists and develop in the field of advertising.

PR consultancies also often employ Journalism graduates as public relations officer.

Finally, you can combine all your skills and talent and become a writer. Of course, a degree in journalism or other related field is not necessary for a writer (and of course, not every Journalism graduate, even excellent one, can become a writer), but, indeed, a degree in Journalism might help in these thoughts - you will feel more confident with a written word if you work with it on a professional level for four years.