Career options for Logistics graduates

The list of career options for Logistics graduates is quite wide. Here are just some of them.

Supply Chain Manager

Supply Chain Managers usually work for one company or factory and organize the delivery and inventory of raw materials and goods. They also communicate with customers and clients and discuss with them the requirements for supplies. The average salary of supply chain managers in USA is $79,929, but it can be raised with work experience.

Inventory Manager

Inventory Managers develop inventory plans to reduce the cost of goods in distribution and production centers, and also work on the effectiveness of customer service goals. The average salary of supply chain managers in USA is $50,934.

Distribution Manager

Distribution managers order products, raw materials and accessories for their companies and distribute goods to the retailers. They also communicate with retailers and organize work process of younger managers. The average salary of distribution managers in USA is : $66,120.

Graduates with a degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management can also find a job which is not directly connected to this disciplines. For example, many Logistics graduates work in Law area (especially in Labour Law), in Economics, Business, Management (including Human Resource Management), or even open their outsourcing companies or enterprises. Education area is quite a popular career path for graduates with a degree in Management, including Logistics and Supply Chain Management. They can work as coaches and train younger managers in their company or in several companies, or receive a higher level degree and work as university professors in this area.