Career options for Marketing graduates

A degree in Marketing area is highly practical, and prepares graduates for the beginning of a career in marketing in all aspects, which means that graduates holding a Bachelor degree or even an associate diploma in Marketing can easily find a prospective and highly-paid job.

Employers of marketers are usually private companies engaged in business or sales. The job of the marketer consists of promoting their products.

The list of careers available for Marketing graduates holding an undergraduate degree include: marketing manager, advertising manager, sales manager, brand manager, social media marketing specialist, seo-specialist (and other career options in online and digital marketing), mobile marketer.

The most obvious career path after completing a degree in Marketing is marketing management. Marketing managers promote products of the company by supervising their advertisement campaigns and establishing communication with consumers.

Duties of brand managers include developing the representation of products and company, as well as analysis of the market and the target audience.

Manager is engaged in promotion of the company in social networks, purchase of advertising, as well as working out the negative feedback.

Usually career in Marketing area requires a work experience besides a completed degree. Students-marketers can get some work experience by training in various companies. Most universities provide an internship as a part of study program.
Some graduates choose to continue their education and complete a Masters and PhD degree in Marketing, which gives them the opportunity to engage in research activities in various areas of marketing. Marketing is closely related to the study of human behavior, social sciences and psychology, and PhD graduates are often engaged in interdisciplinary research.




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