Career options for Public Administration graduates

Public Administration is a very practical degree, which means most of the graduates holding a degree in PA work in one area - which is politics and administration. Usually graduates start their career in federal government as government distributor or manager.

Social researcher is also one of the possible career paths for Public Administration graduates. They are engaged in research projects dedicated to human behaviour. The typical employers of social researchers are research agencies and higher education institutions.

Some Public Administration graduates work as housing managers. The manage the housing estate entrusted to them, control its condition and repair, interact with developers, landlords and tenants.

Some of Public Administration graduates use the received skills to work as detectives or human resource officers - this career paths often require some additional courses or relevant work experience.

One of the most important things for those who wish to start a career in any of these areas is work experience, which means internships, internships and more internships. Many government departments provide this opportunity for Public Administration students and recent graduates. Many undergraduate study programs include internships in local government. Graduates can also volunteer in charitable organisations and develop needed skills.

Developed skills

Graduates holding a degree in Public Administration receive a variety of skills which will be useful in many career paths, for example:

  1. Research and analytical skills;

  2. Teamwork;

  3. Critical thinking;

  4. Perfect written and oral communication skills;

  5. Objectivity;

  6. Ability to speak with high-ranking officials.