Career Options for Physics graduates

Of course, a lot of graduates of Bachelor  study programs in Physics continue their education and complete a higher level degrees in order to start academics, research or teaching career. However, a lot of Bachelor graduates find a job after receiving an undergraduate degree, as a list of career opportunities for Physics graduates is very wide.

If you wish to start your academic career as soon as it is possible and do not want (or do not have an opportunity) to complete a higher level degree, you can start your academic path with a job of laboratory technician. Their duties include working with scientists on the research projects. After several years of working, laboratory technicians can start a career of junior researcher.

Methods and topics of Physics are used almost everywhere, so a degree in Physics will be useful in many areas, for example, environment protection, metallurgy or  engineering.

One of popular career options for Physics graduates is a career of secondary school teacher, which is the best option for those who wish to share their experience with others. Of course, a career of teacher always requires additional education in pedagogics area - joint degree or completed courses in secondary school teaching.

Graduates holding a degree in Physics can also try to find a job in journalism and media field and work as an expert or scientific journalist in magazines, TV or radio.

Some of Physics graduates work as seismology interpreters, who monitor the seismic activity of the earth's crust all over the world and calculate the possibility of future earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.

Of course, these are only a few career opportunities for Physics graduates - the actual list of career options is very wide, so your future career depends only on your interests and specialization.




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