Career options for Physiotherapy graduates

Physiotherapy is a wide area of Medicine including a variety of specializations, so graduates who received a good education in this area can apply for many job placements.

Of course, the path of Physiotherapist is the most obvious career option for Physiotherapy graduates. Physiotherapists work in hospitals and clinics, sanatoriums and children's centers. Physiotherapists help people with different injuries or physical disabilities, soften their pain, re-teach them to walk and move.

But of course the career of Physiotherapist is not the only career option for Physiotherapy graduates. They can find themselves in other Medical or near-Medical professions, related to Physiotherapy. For example, many of Physiotherapy graduates work as Acupuncturists or Chiropractors. Careers in the Osteopathy area are also a good option for Physiotherapy graduates - they can become Medical masseurs or Recovery specialists.

Many Physiotherapy specialists work in sports area. They prevent injuries of athletes and help to eliminate them.

Many other career paths in the field of Medicine are available for Physiotherapy graduates, but they need to obtain the relevant work experience (for example, with internships), or complete special retraining courses.

You can even open your own clinic or spa resort after receiving a degree in Physiotherapy - but, of course, you will need some specific knowledge in Business and Entrepreneurship.

Usually Physiology graduates decide to start their career path after receiving an undergraduate degree. Sometimes Bachelor graduates decide to receive higher level education in order to get access to more advanced career options. Graduates can also apply for Master or PhD study program in other relevant area, for example, Public Health or Clinical Medicine.