Careers for Political Science graduates

A huge advantage of Political Sciences education is that graduates holding a degree in this area are capable of finding advanced job placements in various areas, including parliament, civil service, diplomacy, human rights, law, political journalism.

Probably the most obvious future for Political Science graduates is a career in governmental area. The overwhelming majority of government officials has a degree in Political Science. For many job placements a Master or Doctoral degree in Political Science is needed, but some “junior” career options are available for Bachelor graduates too. For example, they can find a job on political assistant and help government officials or candidates with administration or re-election campaign.

Political journalists is also a very common profession after completing a degree in Politics. A degree in this area provides not only a strong background in politics and analysis skills, but also excellent writing and oral communication skills. Graduates can find a job on TV, radio or magazines and work either in politically-oriented media or in common media as a politics expert.

Some of Political Science graduates, who see their fate in representing their country's interests abroad, consider about a career in diplomacy area. The duties of diplomate include participation in official negotiations, drawing up the bilateral and multilateral international treaties, maintaining diplomatic documents and many other.

Another career option for Political Science graduates holding a Bachelor degree is secondary school teacher. Usually Political Science graduates teach History or other Social Sciences. It is the best option for those who wish to share their knowledge and experience with growing generation. A career of secondary class teacher also requires completing  additional courses for teachers.

Of course it is not the full list of career opportunities for Political Science graduates; your future career depends on your wishes, interests and chosen specialization during your education.