Which degree should I choose if I want to work in government?

If you are interested in bio of famous politicians and presidents, you know that not all of them completed specific education connected with government and this is absolutely normal - what is much more important is your programme, your political reputation and willingness to help people in their needs. However, there are some degree options which will make you career path in government a bit easier and give you some useful skills for being a politician.

Public Administration 

This is one of the most useful education areas for those who wish to be engaged in government on any level. This is a highly practical degree, since the desired career path for almost every Public Administration graduate is some part of politics area. Graduates can start their career on a local level as government distributor and then grow to state level.

Political Sciences

Seems obvious that Political Sciences graduates should work for government - but it is not exactly right. Political Sciences is more an Arts and Humanities degree, which is closer to Philosophy and History, than to more applied study programs which are useful in people management. However, a Bachelor degree in Political Science is still a good boost for young politicians, since they get to know a lot of useful information about the structure of the state and its history. But applied skills are still needed, so a Master’s degree in Public Administration or Law, or internship in these areas will help a lot to develop these skills.


If you spend some time for searching, you will find out that many world leading politicians have a degree in law, which gives a variety of transferrable skills that can be used in politics. Many Law Graduates (appr. 14% in United Kingdom) start a career in politics area as barristers, who can be employed by government departments.

One of the evident advantages of a Law degree for future politics - it provides deep understanding of how governmental machinery works, why it works this way besides another, and how it can be changed for better. Law graduates think critically and look at an issue objectively, which is very important skills for a politician.