Career options for Public Health graduates

Public Health is a very diverse area - so a degree in Public Health opens many doors. Some of the possible opportunities for Public Health graduates are presented here.

Social Work career

Many Public Health graduates start their career in Social Work area. Many clinical practice options are available only for specialists with relevant education, but not all of them - some jobs, for example, consultants or specialists in non-profit healthcare organizations, or work with the least protected segments of the population, eg, single mothers or elderly people.

Career in Medicine

Career in Clinical Medicine is also not a very rare option for Public Health graduates. Graduates can start their career as administrators in clinics and municipal hospitals. Some graduates also work as nurses and advance on their career path with the help of additional qualification courses. But if you wish to start a career in Medicine, it is truly easier to receive a degree in Human Medicine or other specialization on your choice - it means your career will improve fastly and you will receive all needed work experience during (and after) your education.

Private organizations

Many сommercial healthcare and medical organizations, for example, pharmaceutical brands, or insuring organizations, usually employ Public Health graduates.


Many Public Health graduates work as higher education professors or organize public lectures or other events aimed at raising the standard of living and medical literacy. This career path requires a higher level degree - at least Master’s.

One of the advantages of a Public Health undergraduate degree is that it is a great start for education in other Medicine specializations - with a degree in Public Health you can apply for a variety of study programs in Human Medicine.